Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Incredible Women #52 - Macey France. Reading, and Top 5 Adventures...

KARA: "You’ve told me that you are passionate about getting kids to read. What kinds of things do you do to help kids read? It sounds like you love books. Describe your blog called “Read with Girlfriends”."

MACEY: "Right now, having small children, my first priority is helping them to be great readers. We start early and we read to them all the time. When my oldest got to KG, he became more and more interested in sounding the letters and words out on his own. He went in not knowing how to read at all and by the end of October he was reading at 1st grade level. Now he's in 2nd grade and reading at about 4th grade level.

My youngest is in preschool and we are just starting to get him prepared to start reading. I know that when a child can read, he/she can do anything! Reading is such a wonderful thing. It promotes imagination, grammatical skills, spelling, and many other things! I love to pick up a book and be transported in time or space to a whole other world. I want kids to feel that too.

When my youngest is in school full time I plan to volunteer at the schools with reading help. They always need helpers and reading is a huge problem area with certain children.

Read With Girlfriends was started by my friend, Jessica, and I. We started it because we both love to read and want to share our love of books with friends. We can discuss the books we read on the blog and get feedback from other women who read with us. It's a great community of readers who love to talk about the books we've read and also promotes their blogs and their reading preferences! I've been led to some wonderful books mentioned by our followers!

KARA: "What are the top 5 adventures you’ve had in your life so far? What’s next on your list of things to do?

MACEY: "The top 2 are definitely my pregnancies and giving birth to my 2 wonderful boys. They were both adventures in their own right. I'm very proud of that.

3rd thing would be helping my husband through the process of finding and reconnecting with his biological family.

4th would be marriage in general. From the beginning where you plan the wedding all the way through to today. I once got a book titled "After the Wedding Comes a Marriage," or something to that effect. I always thought that was such a perfect title. The wedding is nothing. It's everything after that counts.

5th thing is motherhood. People might say, "you already said that when you talked about giving birth to your boys." Well, motherhood and pregnancy are two very different things. Maybe I should write a book called, "After a Pregnancy Comes Motherhood!"

Haha! I love that title - Macey, I think you should write that book - maybe with contributing stories from lots of moms. :-)

Tomorrow Macey talks about her sometimes uncontrollable laughter, and all about her blog - Living in France. Hope you'll come back and visit.


Emmy said...

Yes pregnancy and birthing kids is definitely different than raising kids.

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