Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Incredible Woman #52 - Macey France. Etsy Shop, and Trials...

KARA: "I understand you have an Etsy shop. For those readers who don’t know what that is, tell us about Etsy. And then, tell us about your shop! What kinds of things do you sale?"

MACEY: "Etsy is an online store where you can buy vintage or handmade goods from thousands of different "shops." I share the shop with my mom and sister who both have talents that I like to showcase. It is called Cursing Crafter and if you read my blog you will see why. I used to have a potty mouth while making things. I'd make a mistake or drop something and use a curse word. It was mostly in my head, but I swear, if you could've heard me you would have thought I had a degree in Sailor Speak. I make all kinds of things...just for fun. Things I like, things I think are pretty. My mom crochets blankets and my sister is a wonderful artist. Right now I have a couple of her wood burnings on there. "

KARA: "Tell us about some of the trials you’ve faced throughout your life. How did you overcome those trials and what kinds of lessons have your learned?"

MACEY: "I can't really think of any trials. I mean, as a child, I was plump and made fun of by my peers. I overcame that by losing weight and sharing some choice words with those peers. Ha! As an adult the thing that I've faced was being diagnosed with MS at 27. Luckily I have a wonderful support system in my family and friends. I also am blessed with insurance that allows me to be able to take advantage of having a great neurologist, primary care physician and the treatments available for my condition. It's all very difficult to overcome. You never really do, in fact. You just learn to deal. You also try to stay positive. Which is very difficult at times, but when you have good family and friends, it makes it easier. I also believe in God and that really helps me also. I know that it's not for me to understand why things happen the way they happen. I'm not to know. Which is frustrating, but does lend a sense of relief too."

I've met so many people who, when asked about the trials they've faced, can't really think of any - just like Macey. Of course, I'd call having MS a trial, but can't you just appreciate her attitude toward it? There really is nothing we can do about most of the trials we are faced with, except deal with them the best way possible.

Tomorrow I'll talk to Macey about her passion with getting kids to read, and also the top 5 adventures she's had in her life. See you then...


Mamarazzi said...

Macey, I love your attitude about MS...beautiful.

i also laughed out loud over the "degree in sailor speak" hilarious!

Cassie said...

That's quite a healthy attitude to have toward MS. Nice to hear from the serious side of Macey. Of course I love your fun and silly side too. I just love ya girl!

shortmama said...

MS is definitely a trial and Im sure a very tough one!

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