Thursday, October 7, 2010

Incredible Woman #52 - Macey France. Laughing, and Blogging...

KARA: Tell us about this problem you have of laughing uncontrollably! What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

MACEY: "Oh, no. I didn't read these questions before I started answering, so this one took my by surprise. The laughing uncontrollable is a horrible impairment!! I mean, laughing at funerals? Gah! I can only say it's a nervous reaction. I hope, anyway. I really hope I'm not that twisted! The funniest thing that ever happened to me? Geez, I have so many things! From saying stupid or inappropriate things to potty humor, etc. How 'bout this one? I peed my pants when I was at a slumber party once. I was 14. Of course, this doesn't compare to the "Sharting in Walmart" episode. Which happened last month."

KARA: "Tell us about your blog – “Living in France – Confessions of a stay at home mom who needs to get out more”. I LOVE that name! Why did you start blogging? What kinds of things do you blog about?"

MACEY: "The name is a really funny story...I had seen all of these blogs (which surprised me, really, because I had no clue about blogs at all) and I thought it would be neat if I could figure out how to do it. I named it way before I decided if I would do one or not. It's a play on my name and it's subtitle is exactly what it means. I'm a very "close to home" type gal. I don't go many places and I live in a small town. We have family in large cities and when we go visit I'm always shocked and in awe from what I see. I wouldn't say I'm a "country bumpkin" but the people that I encounter on these trips, or even in my own town at times, can really shock me. I realized when I found blogging that there is stuff going on in the world that I really never knew about. There are times that I'm amazed at something I don't know about and I always wonder if it's because I'm an at home mom or because of the small town or what. I talk about all kinds of things...mostly observations on people and every day life. Being a mom, a wife, a novice crafter. It all makes for some funny stories for me since I tend to do everything the hard way!"

Tomorrow is the last day of my interview with Macey - hope you don't miss it!


shortmama said...

Who can forget the sharting in Walmart incident. I need to get out more too...out of small town for sure!

McVal said...

I remember the Walmart thing too! LOL! I'm laughing uncontrollably!!!! LOL!!!

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