Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kara: "Tell us about the trials you’ve faced in your life – how has faith played a role in overcoming those trials?"

Joy: "For the most part, my trials are personal ones in areas most people face – health issues, loss of a husband, no employment, critically ill children, caregiver to my mother before she passed away, and the little everyday trials that wear away at your stamina. In every case, my faith is firm that if you keep your feet moving, God will direct your footsteps and you will end up where you should be... which often is not where you thought you wanted to be. At painful crossroads I’ve always known that I need to step into the dark without the light, before the light shows up on the other side to show me the way."

Kara: "You’ve done so much during your life – what are your TOP 5 adventures?"

Joy: "Parasailing over the Caribbean ocean
Driving along the Grand Canyon of the Pacific
Flying 1st Class to England
Rafting the Green River with my children
Tracking down the people that broke into a neighbor's house."

Wow - that last one sounds like it would be a great story! Tomorrow is my last day with Joy. I'll talk to her about relaxing, and her beauty secrets. Please join us then.


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