Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Incredible Woman #53 - Joy Bossi. Gardening...

Kara: "I’ve been reading about your business – a garden consulting business. You’ve got a Saturday morning talk show called “Joy in the Garden”, and you also appear regularly on TV. I’d love to know all about the different aspects of your job. Do tell!"

Joy: "When I worked at Redwood Nursery & Landscape about 25 years ago, I side stepped into TV appearances with Rebecca Reheis on her weather spots for Channel 2. When she left the state (Utah), she asked me to audition for “Growing Sense”,and I did little gardening segments for Channel 2 and then Channel 13. 16 years ago I started on the Radio at 7 am on Saturday mornings for KALL, then moved to KNRS, and that’s where you’ll find me every Saturday morning, 9-11 am. When I’m in Pittsburgh, I broadcast from a ClearChannel studio there so I am always working even when I’m on the road. As a consultant I visit client’s homes and answer questions ‘is this a weed?’ ‘how do I prune?’ ‘what will grow here?’ and anything else they need to know about their gardens. I’ve traveled from Brigham City to Payson, and Park City to Grantsville, as well as all the major Wasatch Front cities."

Kara: "Along with everything else you do with gardening, you’ve also got a website: Joy in the Garden. Describe the website."

Joy: "The site has a new design, which I love. It is now interactive – and I’m a novice at working with it, so I have lots to learn. This entire electronic communication business is just this side of baffling to me, but I often jump in to new experiences to see what I can learn (sometime successfully, sometimes I drop back and punt instead)!"

Visit Joy's website, JOY IN THE GARDEN and you'll find a wonderful new book: Joy In Your Garden, co-authored by Joy Bossi, and Karen Bastow!

Come back tomorrow and read about Joy's trials and her Top 5 adventures! See you then...


Shari Knudsen said...

Kara I love Joy in the Garden. It is so nice to put a face with the lady who does the show. So much fun.

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