Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Incredible Woman #47 - Cynthia Wand. Nature and Goals...

KARA: "You told me that you love “just being present to natural surroundings”. Describe what you mean by that.

CYNTHIA: "I love being in nature doing NOTHING....sitting, and taking in a sunset, or listening to the orchestra that abounds with the natural music of the birds, waterfalls, streams, bugs, bees, and breeze. Being in nature is so energizing, grounding, and centering for me. I feel like I get really present to myself and to my environment when I am in nature. I feel nurtured, grounded, supported, connected, embraced and calmed by being in nature. Yet at the same time I feel energized, uplifted, expanded and released when I am in nature. I LOVE WHAT IS NATURAL, PURE, and SIMPLE. It makes me feel NATURAL, PURE, and SIMPLE!

If we can be really aware and present to each moment, (the sun on our body, the breeze on our skin, the rain on our face, the peeling of the carrot, the crunch of the leaves, the chill of the snow,) we will experience the GIFTS within the PRESENT!"

KARA: "Each birthday you set a goal to do something in that year that you’ve never done before. What are some of the past things you’ve accomplished?"

• Going to France and living there, learning the language, and getting work.
• Go on an overnight stay by myself in complete silence. No music, radio, T.V., books, magazines or phone. Just my journal and my thoughts.
• Moving to a place in the US where my husband and I knew no one and starting over.
• Taking on Home-schooling
• Running a Bed and Breakfast
• Getting to the top of a particular hike in Zions, solo.
• Experience a sweat lodge
• Doing a "Ropes" course
• Getting my initial yoga certification
• Writing our book and getting it published.
• Learning new yoga poses each year that scare me, or I think I am not capable of, like a headstand in the middle of the room.
• Got a Native American flute and learned how to play
• Creating and hosting my first Camping Yoga Retreat."

Boy, I'd love to spend just one day with Cynthia, wouldn't you?! Tomorrow we'll discuss Cynthia's business, her book, and her trials.


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