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Incredible Woman # 49 - Cynthia Wand. Business and Trials...

KARA: "Tell us about your business and the book you wrote – "Living the Heart Life"."

CYNTHIA: "The book "Living the HeartLife...Letting Go of the Hard Life" is about a model of transformation. The model we write about is actually an acronym of the word HEART. It stands for:

We deserve to work, play, interact and express/LIVE from our hearts, this model. It is who we are here to be and to become.
I believe that a hard life is not what we are destined to be living. Yes, challenges can strengthen us and yet I believe that it is not the only way we can grow. We can grow, explore, and master who we are here to be, from living from this model of the heart. If we Honor, Embrace, Acknowledge, Respond to, and Trust first ourselves in our divinity, then all people and life, our lives will not be hard. They will be an ever changing, growing, thriving, and mastering of our spiritual journey here, and they will be an adventure to be grateful for.....not dread, be afraid of, avoid, resist, or become numb to. That journey then becomes a blessing to all of life!

My HeartLife™ coaching business is grounded in this model. With my clients I use our book and our 90 day "Living the HeartLife Daily Practices Journal" as my coaching curriculum. My clients have an opportunity to explore, reflect on, learn from and strengthen these main areas of life within our time together, spirituality being at the core of them all:
• Family/marriage
• Relationships
• Health
• Wealth/Finances
• Career

Sometimes a client will come to me simply for parenting advice because of a particular difficult child, and don't realize the breakdown of connection that could be happening with all of these other areas in their life as to why they are having the parenting challenge. They actually think it is all about the challenging child. Then to realize how much the imbalance in some of these other areas is at the root cause of the challenges with the child. They start seeing more of their own responsibility in why things are difficult or HARD.

Or a client is trying to decide on which man in her life to marry and through our work together realizes there is such a lack of attention in many of these other areas in her life, that once there is clarity about what is working or not working in these areas it will provide the answer to her about which one to marry or maybe at this time not marry at all. Realizing that once she gets to know who she really is as a powerful and confident women in her heart, she will see how she can start attracting a different kind of man altogether in her life, which is more of who/what she really wants.

My coaching is about therapeutic spiritual discovery and mastery, and it is a lifelong journey of the heart. When we approach life's challenges from this place of understanding we are not just putting a band-aid over the problems but getting to the core of them and breaking through what keeps us living a limited life, and creating a life we love and are excited about as we greet each day! It is about connecting to our divine, spiritual nature and gifts!"

(You can visit Cynthia's Website by clicking HERE.)

KARA: "What kinds of trials have you had in your life? What tools did you use to overcome those trials? What lessons have you learned through your trials?"

CYNTHIA: I have to admit, I have not had many. However if I focused on and embellished my trials from the past I could probably make my life sound pretty bleak.

• Overweight/depressed at 19
• Addicted to weight loss pills/shots
• Lived on and addicted to fast food/junk food
• Emotionally overate
• Hated my body
• Self-esteem and self-confidence issues
• Overcompensated from lack of self-confidence with plastic surgery
• Challenging, emergency hospital birth of my first daughter, both in ICU for 1 week.
• Experienced bankruptcy

That is enough - sounds awful doesn't it? I have not even thought of many of these things in years because I have done my own spiritual work around them.

I basically practiced what I preach! I began to Honor, Embrace, Acknowledge, Respond to and Trust my body, my spirituality, my heart, my path and life. I have hired and continue to hire my own coaches, teachers, spiritual masters, and mentors, and enroll in my own personal/spiritual development courses and work, and chose/choose to DO THE WORK, move through the hard stuff to get to where life is full, rich, trusting, heart based and a journey to LIVE/THRIVE not just survive.

Other authors and their books have also been great support, some of those are:
• Louise Haye
• Marianne Williamson
• Deepak Chopra
• Stephen Covey
• Craig Russel
• Karol Truman
• Wayne Dyer
• Debbie Ford

• One cannot ever release the pain, ( emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically,) by avoidance, or with use of any sort of medication, or addictive practice, substance, or distraction.
• Explore the pain, fear, suffering, anger, judgment, and then choose to let go of it's strong hold on us.
• Important to move towards that which scares us, and get through the fire of it.
• HAVING to be right about things comes at a huge cost, and keeps us from feeling free and accepting of others.
• Whatever you think you can and cannot do or are, you will prove to yourself.
• The size or look of our thighs is not our demise.
• Feeding/putting attention on our ego, (fear and its family,) is a never ending path of suffering
• Feeding/putting attention on our heart (love and its family) is always a fulfilling, expansive, freeing, joyful, and beautiful journey.
• Do not take things personally.
• Do not assume anything.
• Be impeccable with your word. 3 of the 4 agreements
• Our children are our teachers.
• Our spouses are great mirrors.
• Those we criticize and cannot stand are also great reflections to learn about ourselves.
• Love/compassion/trust/honesty/understanding/acceptance/moderation/joy/integrity are at the core of a bountiful life.
• Detachment and compassion is a powerful combination of virtues that can bring about healing.
• Life is to be enjoyed, expressed, expansive, marinated in, thrived, and LIVED no matter what!
• Service to others with moderation is a gift.
• Service to others with no moderation can be a huge cost to our own lives.
• Assertiveness balanced with tact, courtesy, confidence, detachment and kindness is lovely and freeing.
• It is not just what we say to others that matters most, it is what kind of energy is behind what we say.
• Spend one on one time with your husband.
• Spend one on one time with your children.
• Spend one on one time in silence with yourself.
• I LOVE MY LIFE, ALL OF IT, even the challenges. That is why I am passionate about supporting others on this journey."

I hope you've been able to gather some great information from Cynthia in this interview so far. Tomorrow Cynthia will share the causes she is passionate about.


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