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Incredible Woman #49 - Cynthia Wand. Causes and Decorating...

KARA: "You are passionate about many different causes. Tell us about some of those, and the ways you are involved with them."


"The Environment:
Yes I am passionate about the environment. I do the, "take my own shopping bags" to the store, pick up litter whenever I am out walking, re-cycyle and re-use. I garden chemically free, and compost in the Summer, Spring and Fall. I do the "Turn your key, be idle free" campaign which is the 10 second idle rule. If you are going to be idling for more than that, turn off your car.

Did you know there is a plastic island twice the size of Texas floating out in the middle of the ocean? I do my best to NEVER take a plastic bag and if we end up with someone in our family bringing one home, I never throw them away, I re-cycle them!

So this is all extremely important and is nothing new or different for most people. I feel a lot of people are now waking up to the desperate need of these types of environmental actions today.

So along with this type of awareness about the environment, our environment also has to do with the air that we all share and breathe, which I believe is affected by the thoughts that we think, that we release everyday from our bodies, our minds. Yes, I believe the pollution on this earth is also affected by the toxicity we release with our negative and fear-based thinking everyday. This must contribute energetically to the pollution here on our earth, how can it not? So as a result, I do my best to not engage in t.v., radio , or news or newspaper articles that create more fear, anger, hatred and judgement. There is so much of this that permeates our media, that there is no wonder the fear and hatred based crimes continue. Do you think if kids Never watched things that trigger this part of their brain and mental emotional bodies they would even think about trying them out too? This pervasive negative, violence and corruption has reached into the video games, music videos, cartoons, and our children's lives are now saturated with it.

So as this cause is a passionate thing for me what I choose NOT to do is become more critical of it, angry about it and judgmental about it. I just stay disciplined to keep my thoughts and feelings from adding to the toxic dumping ground that we all then spend the day breathing. My air is your air. What are you adding to our air we breathe today?

We deserve to add more trust, love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, courage, confidence,responsibility, and humility to the air we breathe. Now this might add a considerable amount of flushing out of the toxins we breathe, don't you think?

Children's Rights and Education:
I AM passionate about children and their education and am a huge advocate for them being raised with a healthy, loving and guiding authority that allows them to discover who they are, allow failure, pick themselves up, follow boundaries, understand natural consequences. and be listened to. I am NOT supportive of them being shamed, humiliated, condemned, abused, in any way shape or fashion. I am typically NOT an advocate of getting kids on medication to mellow them out or stuff them into a mold that will keep teachers and parents happy, and then they don't have to deal with them.

I realize this might sound extremely judgemental and I am simply declaring what I am supportive of and what I am a stand for!

My husband and I were so passionate about this long ago, that when we decided to have children, we immediately began talking about home schooling for our girls and researching the options. We found out about a form of education centered around the Heart, Home and Hands. This is called Waldorf Education, and is founded and based on the study of anthroposophy: A spiritual philosophy that in part maintains that the child deserves to be educated to strengthen themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

So we set out to carry on the gift of being our children's first teachers. We had taught them how to say DaDa, and to go potty on a toilet, why not be the first to teach them how to write, and read? This was such a gift to be home with our girls, to teach them and learn from them on many levels. These days were the richest, most simple, and rewarding days as we had a very educative based life. Life is and eduction, education is life. It allowed us to be and stay really connected, communicative, patient, understanding, and supportive with our daughters.

Children, especially the young child, deserves to learn though the senses.... the arts, nature, music, and science, and being able to be by the mother or father in those first few years following healthy modeling.

Teen Advocacy:
I am a stand for teens making it in this world and finding their empowering voice that is not just from entitlement, ego, and anger. I feel teens have a very high level of idealism and they sometimes feel they don't have a lot of positive, authentic, adults of integrity around them to live up to. So if they can't live making a difference in the positive way then they will make a difference in a negative way. I love being there for them, and getting curious about what is happening for them in their lives, and just listening. Many of them are extremely connected to what they are here to be and have a deep spiritual connection. I think they are misunderstood a lot!

I love to teach yoga to teens! They are so excited to move their bodies, quiet their minds, and find some peacefulness in their over scheduled lives. I feel this is one of greatest things teens can do at this age, is yoga. It allows them to listen to their body, heart, mind, and spirit and find the connection to themselves and to something greater. I have met very few teens who do not totally groove on it.

Women's Empowerment:
I am passionate about women getting powerful from the inside out, and I mean from their divine spiritual center, their heart! Whether it is woman suffering from a teen pregnancy to a 56 year old woman whose husband just left her after 30 years and and she has no idea how to make it on her own, or who she is! I love to encourage and support women in finding their voice, strengthening their assertiveness and speak from a place of honesty, courage, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, love and inner self-esteem. Women are the heart of the home, the solid rock for the husband, and the feminine powerful energy on this earth, which is what will eventually heal the planet.

Seniors/Elder Advocacy:
I love Seniors, and the elders in this world. They have so much wisdom, and experience to pass on. They deserve to be kept in their homes as long as possible and to continue to be heard, honored, and supported emotionally. I feel the cultures where the elders are kept in their children's homes once they cannot take care of themselves, is so beautiful! The family stays together and supports them in their transition out of life, which is a so beautiful! Like my passion for home birth, I feel the same for home death."

KARA: "If you were given the money to redo one room in your house, what would you choose to do?"

CYNTHIA: "That is a tough one, there are a few. Kitchen or Bedroom. Kitchen to more efficiently and enjoyably create food and provide more space for more people when entertaining both inside and out. Bedroom to provide more of a sanctuary/meditative energy that allows for a beautiful space for meditation/yoga and deeper, blissful relaxation, and connection with my husband and sleep. This would include lots of windows to allow the natural light, sun and nature to pour in."

KARA: "Would you do the work yourself, or hire someone?"

CYNTHIA: "My husband and I would do a lot of the design work ourselves and hire out what we did not feel equipped to do in terms of manual labor."

KARA: "How would you transform that room into a place that represents what you love?"

CYNTHIA: "Kitchen to more efficiently and enjoyably create food and provide more space for more people when making food with and for others and entertaining both inside and out.

Bedroom to provide more of a sanctuary/meditative energy that allows for a beautiful space for meditation/yoga and deeper, blissful relaxation and sleep. This would include lots of windows to allow the natural light, and nature to pour in."

Tomorrow is our last day with Cynthia. Come back and enjoy Cynthia's answers on time management and beauty secrets.


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