Friday, September 17, 2010

KARA: "You are a very busy woman! I’m curious about how you manage your time. Could you give us some hints?"

CYNTHIA: "This is an ongoing balancing act. I do my best to stay moderate and balanced, and there are things that suffer. Like right now my garden has not had enough attention, and it looks like it. Today is the day!

• I nurture myself first. This may sound selfish, and my experience is that if I begin my day with meditation, journaling, prayer, some quiet time in nature, yoga, time to nourish myself, then I have more to give to others, more energy, and can stay balanced. If I wait until later to do this, I feel my patience, energy, service, clarity, and spiritual capabilities are low.
• Stay present in the moment. Do not live in the past or in the NOW!
• Be in gratitude everyday, and keep a gratitude journal!
• Prioritize and plan ahead
• Stay moderate with what I be responsible for and agree to.

KARA: "What are some of the other great support systems you have had in your life?"

CYNTHIA: " * My family of origin! I have 4 beautiful and incredibly supportive, sisters, that I continue to create reunions with at least once a year! We meet without husbands or children and reconnect with our amazingly inspiring parents, who are still kickin' it up in life! My father is 92 and my mother turns 90 in January. We reunite with our parents to connect and create an annual opportunity to be of support to one another, hear what is thriving and not thriving in our lives, companion one another, have a fun time, some hysterical, great laughs, perhaps tears, and basically just check in.

Although my sisters and I have taken somewhat different paths in our lives, the path of family unity and honoring our individual diversity is a commitment we all feel passionate about!

My parents have also always been there for me and honored the choices I have made whether is was a choice they agreed with or not. I am extremely grateful for this connection to my family of origin, it is a source of great joy!

* My "heart connected" friends over the years that are always there for me no matter how much time or distance is there. There is never really a separation when you are connected at the heart.

* My inspiring clients and students who are always giving me the opportunity to grow in humility, confidence, courage, trust and gratitude!

* My loyal, and devoted "soul mate", my husband! He is ALWAYS there for me as a continual and reliable "stand" for my growth as a powerful and successful woman and joy filled, balanced, partner and mother.

* My connection to my spirituality and God! I am deeply devoted to my "I AM" presence, my God self and that which is the highest of who "I AM." The legions of Angels that are continually there to support me, and the mentoring support from all of the ascended master teachers who have lived on this earth and who are continually walking the earth today."

KARA: "Share your beauty secrets with us! What makes you feel happy and healthy?"

CYNTHIA: "My beauty secrets are interesting. I am realizing they are what I do in my life that make me happy and healthy.
• Experiencing yoga • meditation • love • unity within diversity • dancing • singing • being in nature• being comfortable and "at home" (metaphorically speaking) with myself • being in gratitude • being with my family and husband • trusting in myself • trusting life • trusting others • sharing conversation and healthy, yummy food with dear friends and new friends • seeing my children and my husband happy • choosing, creating, and making delicious high vibrational food • making choices for my health and well-being that support me in feeling empowered • learning new things • connecting • growing • changing • embracing life. Supporting others, creating unity in groups, FEELING FREE!"

Thanks to Cynthia for taking time to do this interview. I've learned so much! Please visit Cynthia on her website. This interview will be up in it's entirety through Sunday afternoon. At that time, we'll be under construction, getting ready to bring you another Incredible Woman! Have a great weekend!


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