Monday, September 13, 2010

Incredible Woman #49 - Cynthia Wand. Self and Family...

This is the start of another great week here on Incredible Women. A few months ago, I asked our previous Incredible Women to nominated women they knew for the blog. And I had a great response. Our Incredible Woman for this week - Cynthia Wand - was nominated by Linda Black. If you haven't read Linda's interview, take a minute to look at it (on the left sidebar). Let's start this interview...

KARA: "Describe yourself (hobbies, talents, like, dislikes,etc.) What makes you an Incredible Woman?"

CYNTHIA: "I love to:
• Create beautiful, delicious, healthy food, especially when it is local, organic, and seasonal.
• Plant, tend, and harvest my garden which makes the above hobby especially delicious and enjoyable.
• Write poetry
• Read anything inspirational and uplifting.
• Learn everything I can about health, food, and well being.
• Continue to learn about spirituality, other cultures, gaining new ideas, tools for inner growth, thus deepening and broadening my understanding and acceptance of this world and the people in it.
• Sing, dance, hike, ride my bike, walk, run, and move my body in any form of artistic or athletic expression.
• Practice yoga, and teach and support others in the practice of yoga. I completely enjoy providing others an open space and loving environment to express themselves and learn about themselves from and through their practice.
• Play the piano, and the flute not that great, however I play by ear better than I can read notes, so I love to just sit and create whatever I am in the mood for.
• Entertain! I love to have people over and share food, fun, laughter, and meaningful conversation along with games or activities, that make us all laugh!
• I LOVE TO LAUGH til I CRY and this is a pretty common occurrence.
• Life Coaching, which is another one of my passions. It is extremely fulfilling to support others in living their dreams, and raising their level of awareness to gain clarity about how to start living from the heart.
• Be with children, and interact with them on their level. They are so free-spirited and open to love, joy, and being in the moment. I enjoy teaching them about things they do not know how to do, and I also love to learn from them, for they have sooooo much to teach me. I love to marinate in their love and light.
• Be with elders (the wise, mature ones on the planet that have lived the most years, and for some the most life.) I love to hear their stories and listen to them. I feel they deserve to really be listened to and dialogued with. They also have so much to share.
• Be with people in general! Learn about them, and what they think of the world, and life. What lights them up, what scares them, what brings them joy. I love interacting with others.
• Experience adventure! I am up for new experiences everyday.

Some things on my bucket list are:
º Going to India
º Shaving my head
º Traveling to unique and interesting cultures that are very different than the US.
º Living on a small farm/orchard. Having a goat, a few sheep, chickens, a horse and lots of land for growing food, connecting with others, and gathering with others.
º Living in France, Italy or Spain and becoming bi-lingual. We had a taste of this 18 years ago but for only 6 months."

KARA: "Tell us about your family. Try to use one word to describe each member! What do you like to do together?"

CYNTHIA: "My family is the heartbeat and pulse of my life! My husband and I started having a family later in life compared to Utah standards anyway. (36 years old) Yes, it has resulted in us being "older parents" and yet I feel it has also resulted in us being "wiser" and more committed and passionate parents.
We worked and played hard for 10 years before we decided to move in to the family way, and it was the best choice for us. I feel today we are better, more patient, grounded, and understanding parents than if we had not chosen that path for our family.

Steven my husband- Supportive
Sophie 17 year old daughter- Depth/Wisdom
Sadie almost 12 year old daughter- Love
Cynthia - Light

• We love to prepare and enjoy food together. One boundary for our family is to have at least one sit down meal together each day as a family. Rarely does this not happen.
• We also love dining out experiences where we can explore other types of culture through their food.
• We love to entertain as a family and have all kinds of diverse people into our home.
• We love to travel together, ANYWHERE!
• We enjoy biking, hiking and even just going for walks together.
• We love to have heart connecting conversations and also laugh together.
• We love to attend all kinds of concerts, theatre, and movies together.
• We love to be working in our yard together, although my kids may not agree with this one.

As you can see we really just basically love to be together doing anything!"

Join us tomorrow for the next two questions in our interview with Cynthia. See you then!


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