Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Incredible Woman #51 - Kay Kanter. Motorcycles and College...

KARA: "You met your husband because of motorcycles! Tell us about that – do you ride your own bike? Do you go on the cool rides, where hundreds of people on motorcycles travel together? You described your husband as “the man of my dreams”. Wow! Do tell!"

KAY: "When my husband and I went on our first date, he asked if I would ride with him on his motorcycle. I had my own motorcycle and never rode with anyone. I agreed to ride with him though. I wanted to sit closer to him, (giggle). He tapped my hands, that I had wrapped around him and told me to hold on tight. He popped a wheelie and we rode it for several blocks. I knew right then that I was going to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him! Yes, we orchestrate very cool rides to raise money for cancer charities. My husband runs the BMW of North Salt Lake motorcycle shop. Both of our mothers had breast cancer, so have a big Ride For The Cure, every year. My husband is the man that I always dreamed about. He is funny, exciting, loving, caring, supportive, an amazing daddy; what more can a girl ask for. I am one lucky gal."

KARA: "You have a BS from Cornell University in Human Services. Tell us how you’ve used that degree – what kinds of jobs have you had? How has your degree helped your throughout your life?"

KAY: "My degree from Cornell University was in Human Services. And now I own my own photography business…hmmm. Before I became a mommy, I used to work in the judicial system. Right out of college, I was hired to work for Mayor Wellington Webb in Denver, Colorado. I worked in the Safe City Office with juveniles, police officers and the judicial system. As I grew to love the judicial system, I worked my way up to the criminal courts; assisting judges in the courtrooms. Having a degree from an Ivy League school helped me get my foot in many doors. Cornell was a very challenging school. Living in New York was a challenge, too. I loved it."

Tomorrow Kay will share some of the things she's learned from trials, and also all about her photography business. I can't wait! See you then...


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