Monday, September 27, 2010

Incredible Woman #51 - Kay Kanter. Self and Family...

Welcome back to Incredible Women. This week, I'm excited to introduce a truly Incredible Woman - Kay Kanter. Kay was nominated by one of our previous IW - Ginger Johnson. I've have fun getting to know Kay through the interview, and her amazing photography website. (I'm still trying to track down a picture of Kay - I'll add one later.) Let's started this interview...

KARA: "Describe yourself. What makes you an Incredible Woman?"

KAY: "One of my favorite hobbies is riding motorcycles. I love to ride motorcycles (really, really fast). When my husband and I were engaged, he used to teach me to do tricks on our motorcycles. I used to stand up on my seat, riding down the road. I learned how to jump from one bike to another. It was awesome! My whole family loves to ride. That is how we were able to get our son potty trained. We were watching daddy race and he said he wanted to ride motorcycles. I said, “You don’t see any guys out there wearing diapers, do ya?” We made a deal with him, if he stopped using diapers and didn’t have accidents, we would get him a little motorcycle. He stopped wearing diapers that day and never had an accident. He just turned 3 when he started riding his own motorcycle with training wheels.

My talent is… geez… anything I put my mind to, I guess. I love to make fancy cakes. I made my son a 3D Yoda cake and my daughter a castle cake that had close to 1,000 little flowers on it, for their birthdays. I only make a super neat cake once a year. I made my boy a hydra (4 headed dragon) this year, but our Great Dane chomped off one of the heads 10 minutes before our party started. I love, love, love to be behind my camera. I think that is my true talent; taking images and capturing a story. And I love to teach… anyone really.

My dislike is plainly, dishonesty. There is no reason for it. I teach my children that they might get into a bit of trouble if they do something wrong, but are honest about it and accept responsibility. However, if they do something wrong and lie about it, they will be in BIG, BIG trouble. Also, those that don’t follow the rules, make me crazy. If we all followed the simple rules we learned in kindergarten, we would all be one happy little village: Be nice. Share. Be patient. Keep your hands to yourself. Don’t cut in line. Don’t take what is not yours. Be courteous to others. Always tell the truth. Treat others how you want to be treated. And don’t pick your nose.

Life should not be so difficult. I enjoy each and every day, as if it is my last. If you ask my children what I tell them most, they will say, “I love you”. I tell everyone (even strangers) how much I appreciate them… and I mean it. I am grateful and truly blessed. And most of all, I thank the Lord every day."

KARA: "Tell us about each member of your family – what one word would you use to describe each one?"

KAY: "My husband is my best friend. I daydream about him throughout the day. He is my support and an amazing business person. He is a very hard worker and an even better daddy and husband. I love who I have become with him by my side. If I was to describe him with one word it would be: LOVE.

My son, who is 6, is awesome. He is such a great kid. He is truly a gift from God. He has taught me so much. One day, my children were extra naughty. He saw how frustrated I was as I sat staring at them with laser beams shooting out of my eyes (all moms have this talent). He came and grabbed me by the hand and got down on his knees. He said, “Come on mommy, let’s say a prayer. It will help all of us.” The word I would describe him with would be: LOVE.

My little girl, we call bunny. Daddy gave her that nickname, because she is as cute as a bunny. She is a sweet little girl that loves to cuddle with me. She is my little shadow. I could just watch her play and laugh all day. She goes to sleep smiling and wakes up the same way. She is a girly-girl and loves to dress up. I was a tomboy and loved to play with frogs and the boys. I love her so much. My word for her is: LOVE."

If you're new to this blog, this is the way it works... I'll post 2 questions/answers from my interview with Kay each day this week. So, make some time to come back and visit. Tomorrow we'll talk to Kay about her love of motorcycles, and her degree from Cornell University!


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