Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Incredible Woman #51 - Kay Kanter. Trials, and Photography...

KARA: "Tell us about some of the trials you’ve faced throughout your life. How did you overcome those trials and what kinds of lessons have your learned?"

KAY: "Life is always full of trials. Mine was several years ago, when the jeep I was driving, was run over by a semi-truck. I was sitting at a red light and he didn’t stop for the light. My jeep was crushed around me. I remember opening my eyes and looking at the stars. That’s because the roof of my jeep was torn right off! This accident made me blind. Most people, who know me as a professional photographer, don’t know that I used to be blind. I was a student at the school for the blind in Denver. I used to use a white cane. During all of the medical testing, my docs found that I had a tumor in my brain. Shortly after, I had brain surgery to extract the tumor, my vision came back. It was awesome! I was blind for almost a year. When my vision came back, all of my other senses went crazy. I could smell and taste everything. During this test, I never questioned my faith. Even though I couldn’t see with my eyes, I never saw more clearly with my faith. I am truly grateful for my vision (with my heart) and my vision (with my eyes). "Walk by faith, not by sight."

KARA: "You’ve told me that you have your own photography business. I’m IN LOVE with photography. I’d love to learn more. Tell us about your business – what kinds of photography do you do? What is your all time favorite photo you’ve ever taken?"

KAY: "Yep, I am a business owner/photographer. It has been an amazing ride. My business has grown so big that I have just recently moved into a super cool studio in downtown Salt Lake City. I am commissioned to travel nationally to shoot. I accept most bookings for family portraits, weddings, senior grads, models & actors, commercial and special events. Like any mommy, I love taking images of my children. My children are naturals in front of my camera. They have both been hired in other states for modeling work. What really makes me excited is when I shoot portraits for people and they are so moved when they see them, they cry. Now that is what it is all about. I also, make it a point to give back to our community. I offer to help people who want exposure as a model. I get their images out in front of my commercial clients and potential clients. I try to get them hired as models. It is hard to get into the industry. I have the means; it makes me happy to help. Sometimes people just need a little bit of help getting in the door."

Kay kindly sent me some of her photographs to share with you. If you have time, please visit her website, and sit for a few minutes and enjoy the wonderful slideshows and music...


Anonymous said...

i love Kay, she is actually ny young womens leader she is always there for me and her pictures are beautiful

Anonymous said...

I love Kay she is my young womens leader and would do anything for me her work is beautiful. She recently took a pic of me stacking approximently 6 ding dongs on my head while they where in mid fall!

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