Thursday, July 1, 2010

Incredible Woman #44 - Marina Gonzalez. Missionary work, and Marriage secrets...

KARA: "I was told that you are a LDS missionary mom! Tell us about your son and his mission - what have you been blessed with because of his service?"

MARINA: "I am. Twice. I had a daughter serve in the Chile Santiago West Mission from 2005-07 and that was tough having her separated from me for 18 months.
Currently I have a son who is serving in the Mexico Merida Mission (the same mission his dad served 25 years ago). He is a dedicated and obedient missionary. He is a senior companion. He has baptized wonderful people practically every month since he arrived in Mexico. Before he went on his mission, he worried that he wouldn't have hot salsa or tortillas to eat. He was excited when he learned where his mission would be and now he adds "habaneros" to everything he eats.....even pizza!!

-Our family has been blessed spiritually and with employment during these hard economic times. Our family emails him weekly and exchange experiences and counsel from him. Both of my younger children want to serve a mission because of his great love and example."

KARA: "What do you and your husband do to keep your marriage strong? Any favorite date night plans?"

MARINA: "We tell each other "I love you" daily. We talk about our goals-- individually, couple and family. We do things together, especially scouting. We have weekly date nights whether it's renting a chick flick or going out to dinner. We associate ourselves with other great couples. We are constantly looking for ways to better our relationship. We compliment each other. We look out for one another and make sure that the other is happy. -Dinner and a movie at the temple."

I, too, have had a son serve an LDS mission, and I agree that it's a wonderful opportunity - not just for the missionary, but also for his family! Think about it - these missionaries SERVE almost 20 hours a day! They grow and mature, and become really great people. I love Marina's marriage advice - "talk", "do things together", and especially "associate with other great couples".

Tomorrow is our last day with Marina - come back to learn how she would spend a day all to herself, and all about her beauty secrets.


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