Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Incredible Woman #44 - Marina Gonzalez. Parenting and Scouting...

KARA: "I understand that you teach parenting classes. Tell us about that - describe what you do and teach."

MARINA: "Yes, I have been teaching parenting classes to Spanish speaking parents for over 10 years. I help parents recognize the beauty of raising children. They learn that it's not a tough job if you have the right tools in your life. I empower them with knowledge and strategies on how to communicate with their children. My favorite part in this program is the last week when we bring together the children and parents to play games as a family, for some it is the first time in their lives."

KARA: "You are heavily involved in scouting - what is the most challenging thing about that, and what is the biggest blessing you've received because of that?"

MARINA: "Yes, you can definitely say HEAVY. I help my husband run two local units. One is a church troop with about 30 boys and the other is a community coed Venturing crew with about 25 young men and women. We have dedicated leaders who help us out. We have monthly activities and sometimes too many that wear them and us down. We also serve on the district level and help teach leadership skills to the Spanish speaking units. We believe that every boy and girl deserves a trained leader.

-Keeping them focused on the goal whether it is to get them to their Eagle rank or to their Silver Award.

-Youth who are transformed to incredible human beings because an adult took the time to care and develop their leadership potential."

I for one, am so grateful for incredible scouting leaders who have helped my sons so much. It's so great that Marina spends so much time helping other people. I can tell how happy she is - a direct result of service. I love the idea of a family game night. I'm sure those families will build some great memories that way.

Tomorrow Marina will talk about her missionary son, and what keeps her marriage strong - make sure you take a few minutes to stop by.


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