Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Incredible Woman #43 - Becky Rainer. Service and Art.

KARA: "You do quite a bit of humanitarian work. Can you describe what you're involved in? Which project has made the biggest impact on you? What have you learned through service?"

BECKY: "What little I do for humanitarian has brought unequal reward and blessings. Little efforts done here and there have brought our whole family joy and have involved the grandchildren as well. I miss the days of assembling hygiene, newborn and school kits. The most fun was gathering items for an orphanage in Haiti a few years ago. Now I mostly knit newborn hats and tropical sores’ bandages, and color ABC books and print flash cards to teach English."

KARA: "If I remember right, you and your husband are collectors of art. Describe some of your collection. Which pieces do you love?"

BECKY: "Our home is an eclectic mix of European and southwest influences, some early marriage and a few great finds! My favorite oil is the one in our entry way and it features an elderly couple by the fire, he reading the Bible out loud while she sits quietly knitting. That’s us in our old age; (about ten years from now!)"

Join us tomorrow, as we continue the interview with Becky. I'll ask her about trials and faith.


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