Monday, June 21, 2010

Incredible Woman #43 - Becky Rainer. Self and Family.

KARA: "Tell us about yourself. What makes you an incredible woman?"

BECKY: "What I love to do is talk with my children, read, travel, dance, (more watching than doing now,) try new foods, expose myself to different cultures and languages, love studying the Gospel, home d├ęcor, making new friends and hangin’ out with “old” ones; Two hobbies that have brought me joy are having my own aerobic dance business and chasing down my ancestors through some creative sleuthing; I involved my children with both of these activities. Then a new focus took hold about 5-6 years ago: a desire to go to all the LDS Temples on the North American continent and perform ordinances for relatives. What a joy these Temple trips have been! Dislikes: getting up and going to bed early, hot weather, and canned peas."

KARA: "Tell us about your family - describe each one, and tell us something each has taught you."

BECKY: "About my family: My three sibling brothers taught me it’s not cool to tattle, and even thought we had great times together, I always wished I had had a sister.

My children: Sean, 33, my beautiful “Gerber” baby taught me the absolute joy of a first baby after 9 miscarriages; he is strong, resilient and resourceful. When he was six months old, I was in a horseback riding accident, and had to have a complex surgery which put me in the hospital for a few days. It was so hard being away from him and I was still nursing; on top of that, they put me in the youth ward (imagine, a 26 year old mother!) so my twelve year old roommate got an early education on nursing babies! When I was finally released, Sean stayed curled up next to me on the bed for hours and wouldn’t move a muscle, so content and so careful not to bump me. Sara, 32, is a wise, old soul; I knew that the minute she was born and looked me straight in the eyes with such a knowing. She is a sweet and caring person, and a great mother. She listens with her heart and never makes a judgment, and gives me great counsel. She is always doing for others and not enough for herself. Summer, 30, has four children, and is immensely savvy and perceptive like her dad; she also helps me put things in perspective, makes me laugh, and we have shared many a life experience. Both my girls are my soul sisters. Spencer, 28, is the gift that keeps on giving, gentle, caring, utterly honest and reliable and attuned to others’ needs, he is both loving and kind. There isn’t a day that goes by that he hasn’t served me and made me feel appreciated. He is a joy to be around. Shane, 18, was our family’s love child, and a miracle baby after two more miscarriages; he is how I celebrated turning forty! He has taught me so much. Because of him, I am more patient, more honest and more empathetic; I laugh more and cry more and feel more alive. He may be my greatest teacher yet. He has a zest for life, a tender heart, and a forgiving nature. My husband, Howard is my rock, my prince and my eternal partner. Ever ready to explore and enjoy life, he has taught me to savor the moment, and if possible, capture it on film!"

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