Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Incredible Woman #43 - Becky Rainer. Trials and Faith.

KARA: "Everyone goes through trials - can you share with us a few of the trials you've been through - how did those trials mold you into the person you are today? What valuable lessons have you learned from your trials?"

BECKY: "Hmmm…let’s just say we have learned to put the fun back into dysfunctional! My biggest trial has been getting myself to where I want to be."

KARA: "How has faith played an important role in your life?"

BECKY: "Faith has been my lodestar in life. I credit my Catholic upbringing for teaching me about faith, my mother for reinforcing it through her example, and my children for making sure I don’t let it lie fallow. Oh, and most certainly, faith is what led me to the truth and to join the Church."

Please stop by tomorrow - Becky will share her love of books, and thoughts about being a grandma.


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