Thursday, June 24, 2010

Incredible Woman #43 - Becky Rainer. Books and Being a Grandma...

KARA: "You are an avid reader - just like me! I believe you belong to a book club, right? Share with us some of your all time favorite books. Which authors do you love? What role have books played in your life?"

BECKY: "Yes, yes and yes! Books are my escape, and they also teach and inspire me. As a child, I lived in Scotland, and because of the cold, damp weather, was often sick. Reading became such an enjoyable pastime and companion! I read everything. I have too many favorites to single out one or two. About nineteen years ago, I joined a book club, and six of us are still going strong! My book club, loosely termed, has doubled as an out-patient therapy group for almost two decades now. We gather monthly to discuss politics, religion, our children, review movies and restaurants, buoy one another up, eat, and yes, discuss books as well. A few favorite authors are: Maeve Binchy, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Sandra Dallas, Celia Rees, Rosamund Pilcher, Gerald Lund, Taylor Caldwell, Katherine Paterson and M. Catherine Thomas. I’ve kept tracked of the 750 plus books I have read since being in book club and am always ready to recommend! My granddaughter loves to come to my house to check out books from my library, and then we talk about them."

KARA: "You've raised some really great kids, and now you are a grandma. How is being a grandma different from being a mom? What lessons are you learning as you watch your grandchildren grow? What is the best thing about being a grandma?"

BECKY: "These three questions about being a grandma can all be answered the same way: less is more! Less exhaustion, less fuming and less worry and MORE fun, MORE amazement, and MORE blessings (and not just because I have more of them than I do children now!) I see how this rising generation are power-packed spirits anxious and READY to experience their mortality. I’m straining to keep up! So bright, so curious, so kind, so sensitive, so talented! If I had known being grandma was this great, I would’ve skipped children and gone straight to them! JK, any of my children who might read this. It’s due to their parenting skills and insights that my nine grandchildren are so wonderful."

Don't miss out tomorrow - it's our last day with Becky, and she'll tell us what goal she's working toward, and her beauty secrets!


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