Friday, June 4, 2010

Incredible Woman #41 - Vicki Dalia. Inspiration and Beauty Secrets

KARA: "What inspires you?"

VICKI: "What inspires me are songs and books about other real life people who have devoted their life to the Lord."

KARA: "We’d love to hear about your beauty secrets! How do you take care of yourself? What do you do to stay healthy and happy?"

VICKI: "My beauty secrets. That makes me laugh. I pay attention to what I eat and almost never eat processed foods. I drink goat's milk and raise most of my own food including the meat which we eat sparingly. I exercise everyday and use coconut oil for my lotion."

Thanks to Vicki for the interview this week. It was fun getting to know her. I greatly admire her for the work she does with the children of Guatemala. Vicki's interview will be up through Sunday. We'll be under construction at that point, so that we can bring you another Incredible Woman on Monday! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!


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