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Incredible Woman #42 - Kristi, from Visible Voice. Self and Family

I'm happy to introduce a blogger to you this week. Her name is Kristi, and she blogs over at Visible Voice. Kristi was nominated by one of our wonderful readers. I'm excited to get to know Kristi - hope you enjoy the week. As always, I'll post 2 questions and answers from the interview each day this week, so make sure you check back each day to learn more about this Incredible Woman. And don't forget to visit her blog - click on the link on the right hand column.

KARA: "Describe yourself. What makes you an incredible woman?"

KRISTI: "Thanks so much for having me Kara. I’m humbly honored.

As far as describing who I am. I love to joke around. But I can be a sensitive gal. Though I don’t count that as always a bad thing. I am a huge dreamer and dream just like I did as a kid….with endless possibilities. Or at least I try to. I’m loving being a Mom to my 2 ½ year old son (with another on the way) and wife to my bestest buddy in the world, and all things that go along with running a home. Well most of the time ;)

I actually don’t have a ton of hobbies (though there are many MANY things on my bucket list to try someday)

I’m really big into all things journaling. I have one that’s a “no boundaries” one where I can let it ALL out. One for my cute kid. And one for my husband and I. I recently started doing Art Journaling, which I find to be such a fantastic artistic outlet while still capturing some of my own personal history (you can see what pages I've done on my blog). And of course blogging is another form of journaling for me. I love me some blogging!

I love to read. I always have a book on the go. I read every night before I go to sleep. I think it’s soo good for my imagination, for my brain, and as a way to escape into another world.

I dabble a bit in photography but mostly just to have some great shots of the family and something attractive to tell stories with on my blog.

I took Multimedia Graphic Design in school and I still love to play around with stuff on the computer and am just starting to do more of that. Who knows…maybe someday I’ll create the coolest Kleenex box one has ever seen ;)

On my to do list is to learn more than the three songs I know on guitar; try silk art; finally figure out a cool way to do photo transfers on canvas, and I really want to learn to knit and sew better. And so so much more.

I love to talk and I love to help. It drives me nuts to not be helpful or be able to share information or tips or have anyone share them with me.

I absolutely dislike when people make fun of other people for what they like to do, watch, or believe. Cliques amongst people also make me sad. And as much as I’ve tried to like tomatoes – I just can’t do it. I really really tried.

KARA: "Tell us about your family. Describe each one - what is a lesson you've learned from each one?"

KRISTI: "I have a pretty big family. Lots of siblings (six with blood that we share and two step) and of all different ages that range from 15-40+. I also have four parents. It is them that I’ll focus on today.

My Mom – My mom has taught me to be a fighter. For most of my life my mom has not been well. She’s had many set backs and surgeries, one which almost took her life. My mom told me what kept her alive all these years was us kids. And even though sometimes she would have liked to give up – she knew we needed her. I don’t have the best health (lots of allergies and fatigue) and she’s taught me that I need to not only fight through it but overcome it. And with that fighting attitude she also passed on to me her feisty-ness. I don’t often get too feisty – but if it’s something I’m passionate about you can bet it’ll come out in me. I get that from my mama.

My Dad – My dad never waivers in his faith. He has always been consistent. He has always been true. And he will always stand up for what he believes in. He also has given me my sense of humor. And I know when I’m a grandmother I’ll be telling all of my lame jokes over and over again – just like he does – and it’ll be super funny just like it’s still funny when he tells the same jokes. I love it.

My Step-Mom - My step-mom and I have always had the arts in common. Music, dance etc… But most importantly she’s the one that would take me to the salon and get my hair done all fun and fabulous, and she taught me how to wear eyeliner. The eyeliner was LIFE. CHANGING.

My Step-Dad – My step-dad is about 587 years old but gets around like he’s in his 20’s. He’s a grumpy “scary” old man, who is SUCH a softy and is a sucker for getting his step-daughter a chocolate bar. Man I could always talk him into going to the store to get me a Mr. Big. Oh those were the good days. He always has a great story and more often then not is on my side even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

I think from all of them I take the best qualities. I live from their example and I listen to their mistakes that they don’t want me to repeat. You think that with that many parents that I would have been grounded all the time. But I wasn’t. That’s what happens when you’re the favorite ;)

Join us tomorrow when we'll find out about Kristi's home, and about how she has to shop for groceries! Hint: internet


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