Thursday, June 3, 2010

Incredible Woman #41 - Vicki Dalia. Goals and Guilty Pleasure

KARA: "What are some of your short-term and long-term goals? What is the most important thing you’d like to accomplish in this life?"

VICKI: "Short term goals are to finance a director's house in Guatemala so my family can live down there more of the year as well as other families that wish to help. Also to get all my children through school and on missions. Long term is to help all my family members get to Celestial Glory. To have the energy to keep up with my Heavenly Father's plans for Guatemala."

KARA: "What is your guilty pleasure? If you had a full day to do anything for yourself, what would it be?"

VICKI: "A full day for me would include a massage at a spa that had delightful meals with no calories esp. the chocolate desserts. There would be great music playing the whole day and I would get to be the vocalist for the bands as long as I lasted."

If you haven't checked out Vicki's blog about the Guatemala orphanage she runs (Casa de Sion), please do. There was an earthquake recently and the orphanage was damaged. Plus, many people were hurt, and lost their homes. It doesn't take much to finance building another house for them - only $40. Yes, that's right - $40! You would be surprised how much you can help with a small donation. Please return tomorrow, and we'll wrap up the interview with Vicki - we'll find out what inspires her, and also learn her beauty secrets. Thanks for stopping by.


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