Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Incredible Woman #41 - Vicki Dalia. Marriage Success and Humanitarian Aid.

KARA: "What kinds of things do you do to maintain a good relationship with your husband? How do you work on having a successful marriage?"

VICKI: "Marriage. A lot of hard work and compromise, but it sure beats loneliness. Our lives are so full with all the kids, and the projects in Guatemala that we spend a lot of time working on compromises and working together. We take 2 days off each month to have time to talk through issues and reconnect with each other romantically and on a fun level. We have been married for 33 years, so something is working."

KARA: "Tell us about the orphanage you’ve opened in Guatemala."

VICKI: "Our orphanage in Guatemala is temporarily closed. Instead, we are putting our energy into community children. We have 17 acres and several buildings among 1.5 million Mayans, so we will never run out of things to do there. The people are desperately poor and suffer from malnutrition and all manner of diseases. We do lunch and tutorial programs for elementary children. We do feeding programs for infants and toddlers. We have child development and prenatal classes after which we feed 50 mamas and 100 children. We have a clinic and a birthing room where the midwives can come with the laboring mothers and they can give birth in a clean environment. We have student sponsorships and child sponsorships and family sponsorships. We build homes for needy families. And that is just the beginning. We love volunteers and donors. My email is Here is our blogspot. and facebook.

I'm really proud to have helped Vicki with the feeding program through Four of Hearts - the foundation I belong to. We just sent some money - enough to hopefully feed the kids for several months. It's such a pleasure to help such a worthy cause. Our interview continues tomorrow... Vicki's short-term and long-term goals, and her guilty pleasure! Can't wait!


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