Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Incredible Woman #41 - Vicki Dalia. Trials and Adopting Children

KARA: "Can you tell us about some of your trials and how you were able to deal with those trials? How have those trials helped you become a better person?"

VICKI: "My biggest trial was my childhood. My father had me involved in child prostitution and pornography. He and his buddies were sexually, physically, emotionally and spiritually abusive. Because of it, I have serious Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have done therapies of all kinds for the last 25 years. The principles of the Gospel have helped me tremendously. As has the strength of family and service to others. Trying to help other children at risk is my life long passion."

KARA: "What made you decide to adopt children? What are the challenges and blessings of having adopted kids?"

VICKI: "My passion for children was the reason I decided to adopt. I love children and was old enough where I did not think I could have more through birth. (I was wrong, as Scotia came when I was 45). So we started adopting. There was and still is much need for families who would take black children. Three of our adopted children are black, four are bi-racial and one is Hispanic. and has Downs Syndrome. The challenges and blessings seem about the same to me as those of having birth children. Some days are good and others are pieces of crap."

Join us tomorrow, when we'll ask Vicki about marriage, and about her orphanage in Guatemala.


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