Monday, May 31, 2010

Incredible Woman #41 - Vicki Dalia. Self and Family...

I'm pleased to be able to introduce Vicki Dalia this week. She was nominated by one of our readers. She runs an orphanage in Guatemala and is an amazing person. I hope you'll enjoy the interview and getting to know Vicki this week.

KARA: "Tell us about yourself. What makes you an incredible woman?"

VICKI: "My name is Victoria Louise Dalia. I am 61. My hobbies besides family and our projects in Guatemala are music, gardening, sewing and the Gospel. It is hard to think of myself as an incredible woman, so I don't know what to say."

KARA: "You’ve got lots of kids... Describe each of them and tell us one special thing about each one. Also, how is having grandkids different from having your own kids?"

Matthew-42-very easygoing and fun to get along with
Jenn-33- a great mom
Sarah-32-a great business woman
Erin-30-an innovative mom
Joey-28-a diligent worker
Flossie-26-loves her family
Bryan-24-great athlete
Bethany-22-great missionary
Hannah-19-my hippy child
Johnny-17-the football hero
Heather-16-the teen princess
Scotia-15-great student
Caleb-14-the leader of the pack
Seth-12-the dancing king
Emmie-10-leader of the barbie club
Alisa-10-loves to cook
Tony-8-Mr. Smarts
Gabby-5-the baby princess

Kids and grandkids are different in that you have no control with grandkids. Your kids are going to raise them the way they see fit, but you can give the the grandkids back or never take them at all if you so decide. I have 18 grandchildren under 6 as of May 22, 2010!

If you are new to our blog, here's how it works... Each day we'll post 2 questions and answers from the interview with Vicki. Come back each day to learn lots about this incredible woman!


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