Thursday, April 22, 2010

Incredible Woman #35 - Barbara Solt. Thursday's Questions

KARA: "Share your Top 10 favorite things with us."

1. Family Vacations
2. Thanksgiving with the WHOLE family.
3. Date night
4. Sunday dinners with all of the kids at home.
5. First snow
6. First day it hits 80 degrees
7. Fruits and vegetables from our garden
8. Camping with our friends and family
9. Reading
10. Grandma dates

KARA: "Tell us about the service opportunities you’ve had in your church – what positions have you been in, and how have you helped? What have you learned from those experiences?"

* I think I’ll start with my favorite calling (job in LDS church) and end with my least favorite! My most favorite calling was as a Ma on the pioneer trek. That was a life changing experience. Here I am this fat old lady, and doing the woman’s pull! It was awesome to serve that way with Dan. Lots of laughter and tears. We love each one of the youth that at first was assigned to us then became our kids.

* I’ve been stake and ward girls camp director, those were fun, probably more fun when they were done, and the memories are terrific! To this day, girls hassle me about having to blow dry and curl my hair!

* I’ve served in the young women as first and second counselor. This calling taught me it’s okay to have fun and teach at the same time. It prepared me for my own teenagers and the wild mood swings of daughters!

* I’ve served on the RS board as the enrichment leader and the compassionate service leader.

* Been a Stake Missionary, a cub scout leader, Gospel Doctrine teacher, taught the 13 & 17 yr olds Sunday School, spent 2 months in the Primary presidency and for the first time ever, in our new ward, was a primary teacher, again for only two months.

* I’ve been the Activities Committee Leader in every ward but my current one and even was a basketball coach once.

* I’ve served as the Education counselor in RS under 3 presidents (apparently I haven’t learned what I’m supposed to) and was the Enrichment Counselor too.

You ask what I’ve learned... no matter where you’re called, if you give your whole heart, it’s a blessing. It strengthens your family and helps build the foundation of your testimony."

I'm really enjoying this interview with Barbara. Tomorrow is the last day of the interview. I'd love it if you returned. Leave a message for Barbara and let her know what an Incredible Woman she is! See you again tomorrow.


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