Thursday, April 8, 2010

Incredible Woman #33 - Wendy Knight. Thursday's Questions...

KARA: "Who is your hero? What lessons have you learned from that person?"

WENDY: "My world is full of heroes. I like to find heroes all around me, in everyday people doing everyday things. Some of my heroes include amazing friends, clients and family. I try to surround myself with inspiring wonderful people, I find when you do this heroes are all around."

KARA: "What is your favorite season – why?"

WENDY: "One of my favorite things about Utah is that we get to enjoy all four seasons. I love each season and the order that they fall in. I can’t imagine celebrating Christmas without snow. I love sitting by the fire while beautiful big snowflakes leave white marshmallow fluff on the tree branches outside. Just when you can’t stand the winter for one more second, spring comes budding through with its beautiful blossoms and spring flowers. I love the baby animals and new life spring brings. There is just something about spring that makes you want to open the windows, gut your closets, and take a walk. With summer comes barbecues, camping, and outdoor fun. It is my chance to enjoy more time with the kids since they are out of school. Then just when you are about to lose your mind from the heat and bored children, fall sets in. Cooler weather brings jackets and sweaters. The mountains turn magical colors and the valley prepares for the cycle to start all over."

What a beautiful description of the seasons! I, too, love the seasonal changes, but my favorite, by far, is Spring. What is your favorite season? How do you enjoy the seasons? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with us. Join us tomorrow - the last day of Wendy's interview. Don't miss it!


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