Friday, April 9, 2010

Incredible Woman #33 - Wendy Knight. Friday's Questions...

KARA: "What is your guilty pleasure? Describe your perfect day."

WENDY: "My perfect day would go something like this...

Wake up early, spend the morning visiting my favorite shopping spots, a little ‘treasure’ hunting, lunch with my girlfriends, maybe an afternoon pedicure with my daughters, an evening with my husband followed by movie night at home with the family. Don’t forget a ‘brownie obsession’ stuffed in there somewhere!"

KARA: "What are your beauty secrets? What do you do to stay healthy and happy?"

WENDY: "I think true beauty comes from within. When you are ‘beautiful’ on the inside it radiates to the outside. This year I am trying to be better at finding and keeping balance in my life. Making sure I give attention to all aspects of my life. Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Family, Marriage-Relationship, and Work.

As far as outside beauty, I think the thing people ask me the most is - what kind of mascara do you use? I still use the same thing my mom taught me to use back in the day. - Pink and Green Maybelline!"

Haha! I used that mascara for YEARS! And by the way, the reason people ask Wendy about her mascara is because she has these gorgeous LONG lashes! Every time I see them I drool. I drool over her thick, beautiful hair, too! Thanks goes to Wendy for the feature this week. It was fun getting to know her even better. I hope you all enjoyed it. Wendy is my friend, and she does my nails for me. My nails have always been very thin and weak, so I get acrylic on them for strength. She stuck with me all through chemo - even when my nails started falling off (the real ones - not the acrylic)! She took very good care of them. I finally had to stop having them done and just let them fall off. It took almost a full year to grow them back. I finally was able to visit Wendy again, and have my nails strengthened. Can I just let you all in on a little secret? Wendy helped me to feel beautiful, even when I was bald, my skin was all blotchy, I was gaining weight from the steroids, and I just looked and felt terrible. At least my nails looked nice! Haha! Love ya, Wendy!

This interview will be up in it's entirety through Sunday afternoon. We'll then be under construction again, as I prepare to bring you another Incredible Woman. Have a great weekend - I'll see you on Monday!


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