Thursday, March 11, 2010

Incredible Woman #29 - Rebecca Bird. Thursday's Question.

KARA: "I’ve always been impressed with how organized you are as a mom of 5 kids. It seems like you’ve always got something going on. Give us some ideas and advice in juggling our responsibilities with our children. I’ve also heard that you have helped at your childrens' schools throughout the years. Talk about that – what is your favorite thing to do at the schools?"

BECCA: "I’m not an organized mom of 5 kids. There’s something about my brain that balks at strict schedules and organization. We fulfill our commitments and don’t take those lightly, but our schedule at home is more relaxed. I need a more relaxed approach to home life or I become harsh and tense. I get headaches from the stress, I’m less pleasant to be around, and I don’t like myself, so we stay organized only to a point, then we relax.

I do help at the kids’ schools sometimes. About 10 years ago, I was PTO president at our elementary school. I was pregnant and then had a new baby at the time, so it was strenuous, but I enjoyed most of it. I like to help at the class parties mostly. When others need someone, they know they can ask and I’ll try to help them out. This year I was persuaded to be an Art Mom. This is the second time I’ve done it, but it’s a challenge for me because I’ve never felt like I could draw or do art. I’ve learned a lot and find the projects fun."

KARA: "What inspires you?"

BECCA: "What inspires me? Seeing those around me rise to challenges."

Please return tomorrow to join us for the last day of Rebecca's interview. We'll find out about her travels, and what her beauty secrets are!


DeNae said...

I love that inspiration! Seeing your kids rising to what life has to offer them really is exciting - and often surprising!!

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