Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Incredible Woman #29 - Rebecca Bird. Wednesday's Question.

KARA: "You told me that you started a book club about 15 years ago. That’s an amazing amount of time to keep something like that going. Talk about your book club – what kinds of books do you read, how often do you meet, etc. What makes a successful bookclub?"

BECCA: "Other than my family, I’m most proud of my literary club. I started it in October, 1994. Our group fluctuates in size, but we have anywhere from 8 to 20 at the monthly meetings. We discuss a book we’ve all read. It’s fun. Because of the nature of literature, we discuss all types of ideas. I enjoy it both when we agree and disagree."

KARA: "Everyone has trials – I believe it’s how we grow and develop into amazing people. So, talk about trials. What do you do to get through trials?"

BECCA: "I believe everyone has trials in their lives. I believe some people are given more than others and some bring on their own by their decisions. I also believe that trials help to refine us into more Christlike individuals. Yet, I’ve felt that my trials so far have been very minor. I don’t live in fear of the future, but know there will most likely be a time I’ll be tried more than I have so far; I just hope I’ll find the strength I need when that time comes. I believe that if I’m living according to Christ’s teachings, I can turn to Him when I face a challenge and I will be given the strength to bear up. The key is that I need to bear it by turning to Christ, only then I can take any challenge that comes."

Join us again tomorrow as we continue our interview with Rebecca. We'll talk about being an organized mom, and what inspires Rebecca.


DeNae said...

My favorite scripture in the Book of Mormon is the one where Christ is describing the Lamanites after their conversion, and He says that they were baptized by the Holy Ghost "and they knew it not." I think we're built up and prepared for trials in ways we don't always recognize or even know about. Simple acts of faith and obedience build within us a reserve of confidence and strength that, when called upon, is sufficient to see us through difficult times.

So, that's a really long way of saying, "I agree!"

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