Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Incredible Woman #29 - Rebecca Bird. Tuesday's Questions

KARA: "You’ve got a degree in communications, and teach some college classes. Tell us about that. What is your favorite thing about being a teacher? Talk about the importance of education in your family."

BECCA: "I teach one night class of college writing every semester. I’ve done it for about 14 years. I love helping students and interacting with them. Each class has its own personality and I enjoy getting them to think and write more critically.

Education is important in our family. I grew up knowing that a college degree was expected. My children are growing up knowing the same thing. I only have a bachelor’s degree and haven’t decided yet whether I’ll pursue a master’s. I’ve raised the family while my husband has worked and earned his master’s and doctoral degrees. I feel it’s very important to nurture the children we bring into this world. Now that my children are all in school, I’m considering the options for career and education and haven’t decided which is best for me and my family."

KARA: You are LDS, and you are the President of the children’s organization at your church. Describe that – talk about the challenges and the blessings. In what other ways have you helped out at your church?"

BECCA: "I’m president of our LDS ward’s Primary. It’s a children’s organization that teaches the gospel. I love working with the children. Our ward has just over 50 children who are divided into classes by age group. My job as president is to organize their classes; suggest teachers to our priesthood leaders; and coordinate activities, presentations, classes, music leaders, teachers, etc. It can be very busy at times, but I love it and know how important it is for the children to learn the gospel young. The children are each different and amazing. I’ve done this for almost 3 years now.

One thing about our church is that everyone is given many opportunities to serve. Once I’m finished with this calling (job), I could be asked to teach one of the children’s classes, work with the teenagers in a youth organization, teach adults, or simply visit a few women in the ward once a month. There’s much work to be done and people do whatever they’re asked. It may not be something I’m comfortable with, but I’ve grown with each calling I’ve ever had.

My biggest challenge was teaching adult Sunday School. I loved it. I worked to find new ways of thinking about the things we hear again and again, so that it was a growing experience for everyone. I’m not certain I succeeded for everyone, but my knowledge and faith grew. Now my faith grows as I see children understand concepts I teach. It’s something different but equally fulfilling."

Join us tomorrow as Rebecca answers my questions about her book club, and about her thoughts on trials. I'll also have a slideshow up on the blog with pictures of Becca and her family.


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