Thursday, February 18, 2010

Incredible Woman #26 - Sara Biasutti. Thursday's Questions.

KARA: "Tell us your job - a Veterinary Technician - and about your love for animals."

SARA: "I have an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology. I love animals! They are completely innocent and would never purposely cause you pain. There is nothing vindictive about them. I have witnessed terrible abuse and neglect from ignorant humans when it comes to animals. They were not meant to be thrown out in the backyard to live a solitary existence. They were never intended to live their lives on a chain. I spend my professional life trying to heal the wounds left on the bodies and souls of beautiful animals who have been tortured and mentally abused by those who promise to take care of them."

KARA: "Is friendship important to you? What makes a good friend? Do you have a best friend?"

SARA: "I have a lot of very good friends. My best friend is my sister Jenny. She knows everything about me! She knows things that nobody else know. She never judges me. She always knows the right thing to say when I'm falling apart and she lifts me up when I'm down. We have always been sisters, but the we became great friends after Stella was born. I realized what a great mother she has been and what a difficult job it is. She spent endless hours sitting by Stella's bed while she fought for her life. She sat in the waiting room with me and Stefano for hours on end while Stella was having open heart surgery. She is 100% dependable and she loves me no matter how bad things get. That is what makes a good friend!!"

Join us tomorrow - the last day of Sara's feature. Well ask about Sara's travels, and her beauty secrets! Take a minute and watch the slideshow of Sara and her family that I FINALLY finished and put on the blog. Isn't she beautiful?! And Baby Stella is such a sweetheart, right?


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