Friday, February 19, 2010

Incredible Woman #26 - Sara Biasutti. Friday's Questions.

KARA: "You’ve done some traveling and even lived in a different country. Tell us about that. Describe your favorite place in the whole world. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?"

SARA: "I've actually lived in two other countries. When I was 18 years old I got married to a guy in the Air Force and we were stationed in South Korea. That was an eye opener for sure!!!! He was not a bad guy, he just wasn't the right guy. We had a lot of fun in Korea, but it was also shocking to see the culture. They were cruel to animals and it was just accepted. They would keep dogs in cages behind restaurants and I knew they would be on the menu in the next few days. Sometimes at night we would open the cages and let them go. I often saw Korean men abusing there women and it was "normal" in that culture. It was a year that I did a lot of soul searching and growing up. Lets just say that I shed no tears the day I left South Korea. From there we went to Italy. It was like going from hell to heaven. Italy is in my soul. I love the people, the food, the clothes, the history. It is where my first marriage ended, but also where I found the love of my life, Stefano. We have a house in the town of Marsure, Italy where my husband grew up. It is a little town an hour north of Venice, an hour south of Austria, and an hour west of Slovenia. It is a beautiful place and we spent about four beautiful years of our marriage there. We had planned to return to Italy and live there for the rest of our lives, but that is not possible due to Stella's health problems. One summer we took an amazingly romantic trip to the island of Mykonos, Greece. It was a blast and so relaxing. We've been to Florence, Venice on numerous occasions, Cinque Terre, Paris, but without a doubt, the most amazing city in the world is Rome!!!!! I adore Rome!! The people there are so proud of their city. Every street is lined with buildings that are centuries old and I dream of the people who used to live in them. The rhythm in which they speak is like a poem. The Roman accent is different than any other in Italy. Without a doubt it has the best shopping in the world, the best food, and the most beautiful people I have ever seen. If I had the chance to move there tomorrow I would go in a heartbeat. I miss Italy with all my heart. I miss the slow pace of life and the complete happiness we had there. Life was so much simpler and I didn't spend all my time running from place to place, going to school, trying to fit two days worth of life into 24 hours. In Italy, happiness is being with your family, spending lazy evenings sitting on the porch and smelling the freshness in the air. It is the most beautiful place in the world. That is why Italy is in my soul."

KARA: "Share you beauty secrets with us – what do you do to stay healthy and happy? What is your guilty pleasure? If you had one day all to yourself, what would you do?"

SARA: "It is no secret that I love clothes! While I lived in Italy I became a HUGE fan of fashion. My number one beauty secret is that a $200 pair of jeans is worth every penny! The fabric makes all the difference in the world. A cheap $30 pair of jeans may fit well when you try them on but as soon as you wash them they will never fit the same again. The best pair of jeans I ever had were Diesel brand. They fit me like a glove, like they were made just for me. I am also a big fan of sunglasses and purses. Every girl should have at least 20 purses and 2 great pair of sunglasses!!! I also like shoes but I would buy a new purse before new shoes any day. My other beauty secret is Mac Studio Fix powder. It is the best powder/foundation I have ever found. It covers all my imperfections and makes my skin look flawless. Recently I discovered bronzer. I actually took a class on how to put on make-up and that is where I was introduced to bronzer. I love that I can look sunkissed in the middle of winter.

If I had whole day all to myself it would begin with sleeping until noon. Then I would meet up with some of my girlfriends and have lunch and shop til we dropped. I'd top off the day with a chick flick or soccer game and go to bed. That would be my perfect day!!!"

I'm so happy that Sara agreed to this feature. FYI - Sara is my cousin. My much-younger cousin. I've always envied her that time that she spent in such a beautiful foreign country, newly married, no kids. *Sigh* If I had the chance to go back and do my life over again, that's the only thing I'd change - taking a few years to tour the world with my husband. I watched as Sara became a mom, and went through a very hard time with her little sweetie-pie, Stella. I, like many others, was captivated by the online journal she kept during this time. It's hard watching someone you love go through an awful trial. It's also amazing to watch them emerge triumphant. That's why I wanted to feature her here, at Incredible Women. To me, she is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I think you probably agree. I'll leave Sara's interview up on the blog through Saturday. If you haven't taken the chance to look through the slideshow of Sara's pictures, take some time today or tomorrow - if only to just see a picture of beautiful Stella. Sunday, the blog will be UNDER CONSTRUCTION once again, as we prepare to bring you another INCREDIBLE WOMAN. Thanks for joining us this week.


Sara Biasutti said...

I may be a little prejudiced but I agree that Sara is an incredible woman! As her Mom, I have watched her the last two years go through a difficult in-vitro pregnancy that almost ended in disaster for her, Stefano and Stella. I was thankful to be home when she needed me to get her to University Hospital in record time.
It was a number of months before beautiful little Stella was out of the woods, after having open-heart surgery, and she was able to go home with her mom and dad. I've watched Sara care for Stella and grow to be an incredible mom also!

Thanks, Kara for this blog. You are also one of the most incredible women I know!!

Loretta Enders
Sara's Mom and Kara's Aunt

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