Friday, January 8, 2010

Incredible Woman #20 - April Durham. Friday's Questions.

KARA: "What are your top 5 favorites?"

APRIL: "I have so many things that I literally LOVE....whipped cream, thunderstorms, wearing white, headbands, flats...I only get FIVE? Really?"

KARA: "Give us you beauty secrets, please (besides being young!)."

APRIL: "I use Burt's Bee's Royal Jelly face moisturizer with SPF 15. I'm hoping it will take away my "tanning" phase. LOL! I'm kind of obsessed with beauty and always have been. Face masks, painting my nails, doing my make up...I love it all! but I've vowed that if I can't make myself look awesome in 30 minutes or less each morning then I need to practice! Life shouldn't be spent in front of a mirror."

KARA: "If you had one day to do anything you wanted to do, how would you spend your time?"

APRIL: "If we are talking about something feasible and not "fly to Hawaii with hubby and SCUBA dive," I would say just hanging out with my family. I wish we all lived in the same town and could be together and have fun 24/7!"


Karen said...

What a good interview! I loved the line, "Life shouldn't be spent in front of a mirror." So true!

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful person (inside & out)!! (and you look just like your mother!!)
I loved your daily interviews!


Jill (your 2nd cousin)

Jaime said...

Just got caught up on your week of interviews with April! I'm with Karen ... I think my favorite line was "life shouldn't be spent in front of the mirror!". Great interviews ... thanks for featuring her! She designed my blog and I've always been a fan!

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