Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thank You April!!!

The end of another great week here of Incredible Women. I want to publicly thank April for the interview. It's been fun getting to know her. Looking at all of the comments, I think the most popular piece of advice she gave was "Life shouldn't be spent in front of the mirror." I agree, too! One more mention of April's business - she does wonderful blog designs! If you want people to notice your blog, and love spending time there, it starts with an eye-catching blog design. Don't you just love the design of Incredible Women?! All I did was give April an idea of what I wanted - basically, red, yellow, retro, think "Bewitched". Then, she did the rest! Actually, I did do this hilarious drawing to show her what I wanted it to look like. To her credit she didn't laugh her head off - well, maybe she did (anyone would have), but she didn't tell me she did! :-) Her prices are really reasonable, too. Plus, she just started offering packages - so there is something for everyone. Please go and look at her blog, if you haven't been there...
April Showers Blog Design

And don't forget to become a follower of her blog - she is trying to double her followers this year (if I remember right), so let's help her!

I'll leave April's interview up throughout today, and then tomorrow the blog will be under construction again. On Monday, I'll bring you another Incredible Woman - Wendy Neville (I have a special connection with this wonderful woman).

Until then...


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