Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Incredible Woman #20 - April Durham. Tuesday's Questions

Whenever I complain about how busy I am, I think of April, and know that I shouldn't complain! She works full-time outside of the home AND has her own business! Amazing. Wonder how things will work when she has kids, too?! She'll most likely be fine - and even more amazing. I asked April about her job and her business...

KARA: "I know you work full time – can you tell me what you do?"

APRIL: "I work at an NBC affiliate as the Sales and Traffic Assistant. Basically I make sure everything runs smoothly with all the commercials that are coming in, and help account executives and managers with presentations and proposals."

KARA: "One of the things that amazes me is that you also work at home after working all day! Tell me about your “at home” business - April Showers Blog Design. What kinds of things do you do? Where do you get your ideas from?"

APRIL: "After work, I come home and pretty much work all night on my "business" - which is blog and graphic design. I do blog designs for the Blogger platform, as well as other things like cards, invitations, logos, etc... It IS pretty crazy and doing both "jobs" is certainly a challenge, but I love being busy!"

If you are interested in April's blog designs - and perhaps either giving your blog a facelift, or even just starting a blog (if you don't have one already), go to April's web design page and check out her work. Again - here is the URL...

Join us again tomorrow to learn more about April.


Karen said...

I love April. You are SO right. She's an Incredible Woman!

Amanda said...

I follow April's blog avidly but it is SO wonderful to be able to get to know her even better here.

I'm looking forward to getting to know many other incredible women this year.

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