Monday, January 4, 2010

Incredible Woman #20 - April Durham. Monday's Questions.

Well, it's a new year, and I'm really excited to bring 52 new Incredible Women to you! For this first week, I'd like you to meet April Durham. April is the designer who helped me make this blog so wonderful. I told her what I had in mind, and she made it happen! I found April while I was searching for a blog designer. She's got a great website/blog, and her prices are very reasonable. Please go and check out her blog... (
Comment on her blog and let her know how much you love all of her designs. You can find samples of her work under "Portfolio" - you'll even see this blog design there!

April is probably the youngest Incredible Woman I've featured. She sounds like such a fun person - I wish I really knew her in person, instead of just through the internet/blogging world.

Here are the first two questions/answers:

KARA: "Tell me a little bit about yourself. What makes you an Incredible Woman?"

APRIL: "I'm getting ready to turn 25, which means I actually have to grow up! Ha! I've been married to my amazing husband Brad for almost 4 years, and we are right in the middle of trying to expand our family. I graduated from the University of Idaho in 2007 with two degrees in Advertising and Radio/TV/Digital Media Production. Right now I'm just working full time, and doing graphic and blog design in my spare time. I officially started my business last year, and it has really taken off! When I'm not working, I do housewifey things like crafts and chores, and hang out with my nieces and nephews! Oh, and love on my cats. I'm a geeky cat person."

KARA: "Tell me about your family. What is a typical day like at your house? What do you and your husband like to do together?"

APRIL: "My husband and I love to have fun - and we love hanging out with kids. While we don't have any of our own (yet) our weekends are full of movies, Guitar Hero, and board games with our nieces and nephews. During a typical week, we work, work, work, workout, and manage to get in lovey dovey time somehow! We strive for balance in our lives. "I'm bored" is never uttered in our house!"

Isn't she great? Please visit tomorrow for two more questions/answers. It's great to have the blog up and running again.


Kim Walus said...

I definitely LOVE what she's done with your blog and it will be fun to get to know her better this week.

Jamee said...

I agree that April is amazing! I am totally addicted to reading her blog and totally think we would be BFFs in IRL :) She is also so talented! She is currently working on my blog design!

Amanda said...

Wow! I'm so glad that I found this blog by following April Showers.

I LOVE your blog design and the concept behind this blog.

There are LOTS of incredible women out there and they deserve to be seen, heard and recognised.

I'm so looking forward to my forthcoming makeover by April for my personal blog.

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