Friday, December 11, 2009

Incredible Woman #17 - Dallas Harris. Friday's Questions

KARA: "What kinds of goals do you have – short term and long term? What are you doing to achieve those goals?"

DALLAS: "I've already been able to express many of the goals I have. Others include my desire to have my children grow up with a strong sense of self and of the foundation for their beliefs which include God and family. I believe that one person really can make a difference and so most of my goals are small and incremental for now. In the next season of my life, those goals will be able to expand and hopefully include traveling with Rich, and being able to serve the less fortunate domestically and abroad."

KARA: "Please, share you beauty secrets with us! Tell us what you do to keep healthy, strong, and beautiful."

DALLAS: "I'm kind of selfish! My hope is that if I truly try to see the beauty around me, it will help others to look past my faults and misgivings and see some in me even when I may not deserve it! Smiling is a great beauty enhancer as well, along with sunscreen, H20, and being adventurous. Because of back problems my exercise routine is hit and miss, but I love the idea of movement and being active when ever I can. I grew up in a family that focuses on preventative health care which didn't make it easy for me as a child and teenager. You know all the hippy, yogurt, and sprout jokes? Well I got them all. Now, it's "in" to be involved with all of that--which is sweet revenge if you ask me when my friends call with their health related questions! I have a wonderful doctor who works with me in finding the right health care that incorporates traditional and alternative health care choices. Prevention is the best medicine! Then I believe in educating yourself and following your intuition."


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