Thursday, December 10, 2009

Incredible Woman #17 - Dallas Harris. Thursday's Questions

KARA: "Do you have a hero? What makes that person your hero?"

DALLAS: "My heroes are many. My husband Rich, my mother Rae, my granny Ann, and even my little daughter Peyton, to name a few. As far as historical figures, I am in awe of Joan of Arc. My husband is one of the few adults I know who is essentially without guile. He would never intentionally hurt someone and brings peace to my life. He is my rock. My mother Rae is one of God's angels walking the earth. My granny was a doctor who served the poor. She never had much as far as worldly things, but had everything that truly matters. My angel Peyton has taught me about the power that comes from having an obedient spirit that is humble, meek and mild. I try to be like her."

KARA: "I remember when you got remarried after your husband’s death. You married a wonderful guy! I’m sure it was difficult to blend two families together. Talk about how you’ve been able to make it work."

DALLAS: "I met Rich through mutual friends and was immediately impressed with his sense of self. The depth of our life's experiences were very similar and we had a lot of common understanding with each other from the beginning. His three sons have a very rare condition and disability which looks and acts like Cerebral Palsy. They have the development of 3-6 month olds and are completely dependent on others. Rich is a physical therapist and has developed a sweet compassion from his years in working with others and from being dad to these boys. After my experiences with Art--wheelchairs and such--I wasn't afraid to explore a relationship with Rich and what it would possibly mean to have these boys as my sons. Alyxanne wasn't affected with this condition, which is passed on from mother to son. Many of my friends have really struggled in blending their families, struggles which I haven't had. Ours are pretty minor and would be the things you'd expect, mostly having different rules and expectations at different houses. It has seemed natural for my children to have their daddy (Art) and now their dad (Rich). I told Alyxanne from the beginning that I would be her mom with a little "m" and realized that her Mom (Suzi) would always be the center of her life. In our family there is room for all of us, love from all of us, and the opportunity of growth from all of us."


Micki said...

Kara, you are really lucky to have been given a second chance of love, and it is wonderful that your families blended in so well, and you are all so happy! It's a really inspiring story!

Shari Knudsen said...

Kara, I really appreciate you doing this blog on Dallas. As I have read her responses I have remembered the dear friend that I have loved for so long. I knew a lot of what she has been threw but I also learned some new things. I did not know about the mis-carriages. What I do know is a dear sweet friend. My husband and I went to California to visit Dallas and Art years ago. It changed my life to see the love and way Dallas treated Art. She would care for him in a loving and non belittling way. It was kinda cute she would say Lean forward and she would fix his hair for him if it was out of place a little. That trip to see them changed my life. Thanks Dallas for the wonderful, humble but definitely incredible women.

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