Sunday, November 15, 2009

THANKS to Quinn - Incredible Woman #13

I'm really happy that Quinn said yes to our interview for this week. I hope you could tell through her answers, what kind of person she is. She is so nice! I learned lots from her this week and I hope you did as well.

Today, I'll be updating the blog for our next Incredible Woman - Natalie Grant. Her interview starts on Monday. I really look forward to it.

THE WINNER OF QUINN'S BLOG DESIGN IS DANIELLE - WHO COMMENTED ON NOVEMBER 11TH. I have no information on Danielle, so hopefully she'll read this and get back to me. Danielle - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YOU ARE A LUCKY GIRL! Please email me at kara(dot)incrediblewomen(at) ASAP!

Also, some of you expressed an interest in blog design, so make sure you check out Quinn's website (click here to go straight to Quinn's designs). Sometime next week, I'll try to post some of the free blog design sites so you can at least learn a little bit about them.

Please come back tomorrow and visit!


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