Monday, November 16, 2009

Incredible Woman #14 - Natalie Grant

I'm thrilled to be able to introduce a neighbor of mine - Natalie Grant. When I first thought of this blog, and made a tentative list of women I wanted to feature, Natalie was on that list. She has had some really rough times during her life, but is an incredible woman because of the strength she has gained through trial. I'm sure you'll love her. Join us each day this week for 2 questions of the interview.

KARA: "Tell us about yourself - hobbies, talents, likes, dislikes, etc. What makes you happy? What makes you an Incredible Woman?"

NATALIE: "My name is Natalie, and I was born on May 28th to Joe and Nancy Marrott. They were the most incredible parents ever. I am the youngest of 4 children and the only girl. Life growing up was great, I was the only girl and gave my brothers a run for their money. I got married at 19 and started my own family at 20. I have three children, Chase, Stefan and Paige. Growing up I was very active in gymnastics and dance. I loved to sing and perform and enjoyed musical theatre. School was always a pleasure for me, I loved being around friends and people in general. As I have matured, I still enjoy being active, love the outdoors and all sports. I would say I love to watch football the best though. I enjoy social settings but I think what makes me the most happy is getting to be with my family. When I can spend time with my boys and my brothers, I feel like nothing can be better. Although, when I get to travel with my kids it is the best time for me and it is the best way to make lasting memories! I would say my dislikes are mean spirited people. I don't understand why people can be so hurtful to others. Life is too short to have ill-feelings!
What makes me an incredible woman? Just being a woman...I think every woman is incredible!!!"

KARA: "Tell us about your children - describe each one and tell us how knowing each one has changed your life."

NATALIE: "Oh, twist my arm, you want me to tell you about my children...isn't that a mother's favorite topic?!!! Well needless to say, I am more than happy to tell you about my children. My kids are the greatest love in my life. After having children I realized a love I never could even comprehend before.
My oldest - is my son Chase... He was such an incredible joy, I fell head over heels for this little guy. He was such a good baby from the moment he was born and was such a beautiful baby. I had so much fun with Chase, I love being his mom. Chase was always by my side, he was so funny and sweet and way smart. As he grew into a little boy, he just became more of a joy, he was truly the perfect child, I thought I was the best mom in the world. I figured he was such a good kid because I was such a good mom... Well I was humbled soon (when his brother was born). But, Chase has grown into an exceptional man. He is the man of our house, and has felt this responsibility from a young age. He was 5 years old when his father was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease. Chase decided that he had to take care of us, and has done so ever since. I love my Chase so much, he grew up so fast. Chase was fortunate enough to marry a beautiful woman, Brooke, and they have an incredible friendship and love. Chase is a brillant student and is wise beyond his years. I don't know what I would do without this wonderful son, thanks for being my boy Chiefy!

Next - is my son Stefan... he is the child that humbled me. After having Chase, I guess Heavenly Father decided I needed a challenge...hence Stefan was born. Stefan was trouble from the moment he was born, peeing on the Doctor, Nurse and his Nanna when he came out, and he has kept us laughing and stressed out ever since. When I was pregnant with Stefan I worried, how could I love another child as much as I loved Chase. Chase and I were so close I didn't think I had enough love for another child. But then this little guy came into our family and there was so much love. Again, I was shocked at the love of a child. Stefan has always been our wild child, and he adored his brother, wanted to be just like him. Because there were 4 years between my boys, I was fortunate to really be able to spend one on one time with my boys. We had so much fun hanging out! Stefan always had me laughing and always kept me on my toes. He was a toe head and had curls like no other, he hated them and would always tell the hairstylist to cut off his curls!!! He has always made us laugh with his contagious smile and love for life! Stefan has a different role in our family, he is the comic relief. He keeps us in check about finding the lighter side in life. He wears his emotion on his sleeve and has a very tender heart!

Last - is my daughter Paige... Paige Amelia, our little girl. Paige was our angel baby, a miracle. We were unable to have children after my husband's cancer. 12 years went by and low and behold we were pregnant! Chase was 16, Stefan 12 and we were going to have a was very exciting! Paige was probably my most anticipated birth, I was older and a bit of a high risk, and she was a girl! Her big brothers were so excited, a little shocked but excited. What can I say about our Paige girl? She brought light into our lives, she brought hope and so much love! Because the boys were so much older, I got to spend one on one time with her as well. What a blessing, I really got to play and know my little ones, we were best buds. Paige and I were best friends, we spent so much time together, and I am so grateful for that now. She was a very good baby and like her brothers she had a mind of her own. I believe Paige's role in our family was that of peacemaker. She always had a smile and hugs and kisses for her brothers. She adored her brothers and they her, as big brothers though, they thought she was spoiled and that the world revolved around her...which it did...and if they could remember what their lives were like at that age, they would know that they were the same. Paige was a blessing from heaven, a true angel on earth....we all knew she was special, but we didn't realize how special. Paige returned to her Heavenly Father in September 2007 after only 5 short years on this earth. We all miss her terribly but know she has prepared a way for us and we all want to be with her again some day and look forward to that special day!"

Check back tomorrow for more about Natalie.


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She has always been incredible. That is my Little Sis, I'm lucky enough to say.

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