Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Incredible Woman #14 - Natalie Grant - Tuesday's questions

KARA: "What is one of your most inspiring memories?"

NATALIE: "One of the most inspiring memories I have is that of my family, friends and neighbors when we lost Paige. I will never forget the love that was shown to our family. So many people were touched by the life of our little princess, and everyone of them came to our family to support us through such a hard time. There were pink ribbons put on every plant in our yard when we returned from California. Friends flew out to be with me, friends that were already there took care of me and Stefan until Chase, Brooke and Morgan could arrive. People got together and made photo albums, quilts, you name it we were taken care of. Women in my ward stayed with me, made our family food and just were always around for support. Family was a constant, always here taking care of us and showing so much love. I find this inspiring because of the love of Mankind. There are so many wonderful loving people out there. So often all we see or hear of is the bad in the world, I was reminded about all of the good and there is much more good than bad!"

KARA: "I know you've been through many trials - your husband had cancer, you went through a divorce, and you lost a beautiful child. What lessons have you learned from your trials? How have you been able to make it through the trials you've had?"

NATALIE: "What have I learned? The biggest thing I have learned is that when you are at the bottom of your ladder and the very breath you breathe feels as though it has been knocked out of you. When you are so numb you wonder if you will ever feel again and when your world feels like it has come to an end and you have no reason to live. You will see that, the sun still comes up everyday, people go on living and laughing. You want to yell at them "how dare you, my life is over", and then you realize that life does goes on. The world keeps turning even though you feel like yours has stopped. You have to dig deep and find the strength to get out of bed, to see that sun rise, to breath that air and to live. I have learned that no one experiences this life without trials, we are here to learn and help each other and live the best life we can! (some days are easier than others...)

You asked how I have made it through these trials... I pray A LOT!!! I am making it through because of having a loving Heavenly Father that is always there when I need to pray. Being blessed with incredible parents that gave me words of wisdom. True friends, loving family and the best and most caring children a mom could ever hope for. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for my children, they are my world!!!"

Tomorrow we'll ask Natalie about friendship and about her missionary son!


Rae Ann said...

Natalie is not only adorable, she is simply amazing! There is alot we can all learn from her so I am very thankful that you have chosen her as this week's "Incedible Woman"!
Natalie, thanks for all that you have shared so far!
Rae Ann

Anonymous said...

I am inspired by Natalie so many times. She has also been a great support to me in difficult times and lifted me when I was down. When you feel your world closing in on you, reach out to help another and your world will open back up. Natalie does this so often. She truly lives what she believes. Love you Nat!

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