Friday, November 13, 2009

Incredible Woman #13 - Quinn Curtis - Friday's Questions

KARA: "What inspires you - and HOW does it inspire you?"
QUINN: "Creativity inspires me. I love to surround myself with creative people. Creative energy is exciting and rejuvenating. We were all divinely created by the most creative being in the universe. His creative work - nature, people, life opportunities, and more - inspires me the most to creatively live to my full potential."

KARA: "Will you tell us your beauty secrets?
QUINN: "My beauty secret is eyelash extensions. They are awesome! Your eyelashes always look long and gorgeous without any mascara."

KARA: "Any health tips?"
QUINN: "I'm a HUGE fan of "The Biggest Loser" and have recently discovered that trainer Jillian has an awesome website program to lose weight and be healthy. From the meal plans, to the exercise routines that I can do at home, is rocking my world right now."

KARA: "What is your guilty pleasure?"
QUINN: "Double Fudge Brownie ice cream... oh my goodness, I love that stuff.

KARA: "If you had time all to yourself, what would you do?"
QUINN: "Relax in the bath with a really great book."

Oh man, so would I!! Tub/book = the sweet life. *sigh* I'll be announcing the winner of the give-away tomorrow night, so this is your last chance to enter the drawing!


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