Thursday, November 12, 2009

Incredible Woman #13 - Quinn Curtis - Thursday's Questions

KARA: "Nowadays, it seems like lots of moms have to work outside of the home to make ends meet. Can you give advice to young moms about juggling family, a career, your religious responsibilities, and everything else?"
QUINN: "Always pay close attention to where your heart is. Regardless of how busy your day is, MAKE time to be fully present in your childrens' lives. All other responsibilities fall below that. The role of mother is not easily replaced; you are irreplaceable in your childrens' eyes. They need you. Do your best to keep everything running smoothly on all fronts, but don't guilt yourself away from enjoying life."

KARA: "You've said that you do blog design... tell us a little bit about that."
QUINN: "I've been doing graphic design for awhile, mainly just for fun or for my own businesses. I got the idea not that long ago to offer that service for hire. It's been a LOT of fun sharing my skills, especially to beautify blogs. I believe I have a unique style that isn't seen much in the "blog design" world. I'm also proud to offer many different options so that customers can be very choosy to select exactly what they need."

If you haven't already visited Quinn's new website that offers her blog design packages... check it out now - Created By And don't forget - Quinn is giving away a free blog design package - to enter, just comment on a post this week - telling us about your blog or blog idea and why you should win! Tomorrow we finish our interview with Quinn - don't miss it!


Micki said...

Quinn's blog design ideas sound so intriguing. It is always wonderful to spruce up one's blog, and we can all learn new ideas. My blog is about my life in Ireland, so I try to keep with the Irish theme while I discuss my hobbies.I would love to get some creative ideas I enjoyed the post!

Quinn said...

Thanks, Micki, for enjoying my design ideas! I'd love to design you something fantastic for your blog if you'd ever like that! xoxoxoxoxo

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