Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Incredible Woman #13 - Quinn Curtis - Wednesday's Questions

KARA: "What is the hardest thing you've had to do/go through? And how did you make it through that tough time?"
QUINN: "The past few years have been the hardest in my life. It all started when my mother-in-law ended up in the ICU and nearly lost her life. Meanwhile, we took my father-in-law in and cared for him. We knew he was having memory loss trouble, but after living with us, we knew it was much worse than anyone had thought. We took him to specialists and he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. He's very young - just turned 56 this year - and in the past year has had to be moved to a full-time care facility as his illness has progressed to the point that they give him only 6 months more to live. Amid caring for my father-in-law, my mother-in-law recovered somewhat and went to live with her parents to continue her recovery. After a year of that, however, she died tragically and unexpectedly. And of course when it rains, it pours. While all of this family stress and heartache was happening, we were remodeling our home and having our children. It's been a really rocky journey and I am often amazed that we've already made it as far as we have amidst everything in our path. I know the only way is that we've put our trust in God and let Him lead us and comfort us. I know He's carried us many times and sent His angels to our aid. He is the only reason we've made it through."

KARA: "What is your favorite thing to do with your husband - how do you spend quality time together?"
QUINN: "I love laughing with my husband. There isn't anyone that can make me laugh as hard as he can. I also love relaxing with him, either by reading or watching movies or our favorite show, "The Office." We're working to have a set date night each week, though, since quality time is often rare for us and we want to improve."

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