Saturday, November 28, 2009

Incredible Woman #15 - Kim Weitkamp. Saturday's Questions

KARA: "When I heard you tell a story for the first time, it was at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival this year. I was mesmerized! Then, right out of the blue, you started singing. You have a beautiful voice – talk about using that talent, and how music adds to your storytelling."

KIM: "I didn’t do any music for the first year or so of my storytelling. Then my friend Michael Reno Harrell said, “Kimmy, why aren’t you doing those songs you write on stage.” I told him that I really was not a good guitar player, then he said that all good songs are only three chords and the truth. He also told me that folks weren’t coming to see me play guitar, they were coming to hear stories. The songs would be just a little icing. So, I started playing and singing on stage. I am really glad I did. Sometimes songs spring up right out of my stories. I love to sing. Michael and his wife Joan actually bought me a beautiful guitar. Good, good, people."

KARA: "Will you share your beauty secrets with us?"

KIM: "Boy, I have some friends who would love answering this question for me…they’d poke some fun. But I think the best beauty secret is to laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. It keeps you young. It releases healthy endorphins from your brain! Anyone, when they are smiling or laughing, looks younger. I am also a big Oil of Olay fan if you really must know! My mom is 67 and she looks like 59. She has used it all of her life."

KARA: "If you had a day all to yourself, what would you do?"

KIM: "I would have breakfast with all of my girlfriends. Then go to the spa for a deluxe pedicure and a hot stone massage. Then I would sit by the pond, on a blanket, with my dog and a good Mark Twain or Jack London book. Then my family would join me there for a picnic (salad w/poppyseed dressing, watermelon, sushi, Tiramisu). The day would end with my grandkids and me hanging out around the fire. Man, that is one stinking perfect day. Thanks for asking. I feel good just typing it."


Carol said...

I agree that laughing is good for you... thanks for sharing so many with me Kim! I feel better just reading your perfect day too :-) Thanks Kara for sharing Kim with us...loving your blog!

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