Friday, November 27, 2009

Incredible Woman #15 - Kim Weitkamp. Friday's Questions

KARA: "You travel a lot. Tell us about some of the places you’ve visited and which places are your favorite."

KIM: "I love, love, love to travel. Sometimes it does wear me down, but after a few days home I start to get the itch to travel again. My dad says it is in our DNA…wanderlust, the strong innate desire to rove about. Let’s see, my favorites? I am in love with Utah, really beautiful in all seasons. I love Oregon and Northern California. Virginia is one of my favorite places. I will travel somewhere and be so taken by the beauty that I see. Then I come back to my home state and say…ahhhh…perfection. I have a real issue with mountains and water. My dream is to have a Yurt in the mountains by a lake. (If you don’t know what a Yurt is, just google it!). I think people are surprised to find out that I actually love the outdoors and camping. Living in a Yurt is how I want to live my last 30 years or so."

KARA: "Do you have a hero? Tell us about that."

KIM: "Wow, a hero? If you look up the definition of that word you’ll find it is pretty hefty. I am so careful not to place people on pedestals. It just makes it easier for them to fall. BUT, I do have some folks I really admire. (I hate naming names, ‘cause there are sooo many folks that I love, but here are two that are blog worthy): Bill Harley is a stinking brilliant guy. Amazing songwriter, writer, and storyteller. Plus, a nice guy. Bil Lepp is also really darn smart and he makes me laugh plus, he is a good human being. My dad is amazing. With only a 6th grade education he became quite the business man and took really good care of us kids. And last but not least, my mom. She adopted me as her own and there was never one moment that I felt she loved me less than her own children. To love your own child is natural, to love someone else’s child as your own is divine."

Tomorrow is the last day of our interview with Kim. Don't forget to comment on one of the posts this week to be entered into the drawing for one of 2 story CDs of Kim's.


Teresa Clark said...

Kara - I love this blog! Thanks for reminding us there are incredible women in the world. Kim is definitely one of those - you just can't help but feel light and joy in her presence. Ya' all Rock!!!

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