Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Incredible Woman #13 - Quinn Curtis - Tuesday's Questions

KARA: "How do you define success?"
QUINN: "Success is being true to yourself and letting your light shine in that truth. Success doesn't mean lots of money or perfect children. Success is defined by inner peace and living genuinely. I believe that if we live this way, magnificent things are manifest in our life and through us to the world. Success means loving life, no matter what the circumstances."

KARA: "I'm fascinated by the business you run. Can you tell us about that business and the ideas behind it?"
QUINN: "It's hard for me to just pinpoint one business; I technically have three. My businesses are CreatedByMom.com, LimelightFoodPhotography.com and CreatedByChicks.com. Yes, I know it's completely crazy and I'm currently in the process of downsizing. CreatedByMom.com is a boutique for all products created by moms. LimelightFoodPhotography.com is my food photography business. I mostly shoot for Wasatch Woman Magazine, Utah Business Magazine and various chefs who hire me to photograph their food. CreatedByChicks.com is my guilty pleasure right now. It's fairly new and I LOVE it. I highlight creative chicks and what they're creating. It's also my home-base for my graphic design business. I offer blog design, business card design and various other design services. It's been a TON of fun to create."

Now is probably a good time to let you know about our give-away for this week... Quinn has offered to give away a free blog design!!!! The "Petite Customization" blog package includes a custom header and ad button and retails for $175. I'm so excited about this - I really hope that any of our readers who want a customized design for their blogs will enter to win this give-away. And if you don't blog... well, then, START! There is no better time, and starting with a professionally designed blog would be SWEET, don't you think?

TO ENTER... just comment on one of the posts during this week and tell us what your blog or blog idea is and why you'd like to win! GOOD LUCK!!!


vanessa said...

Oh how fun, I love Quinn

Danielle said...

I think this would be a great win. I follow several blogs daily and my friends all say I should start one but the start-up seems more than I can manage. A win would put me right there.

I love reading about these amazing women. Very inspiring!

Quinn said...

Thanks, Vanessa! I love you, too!! xoxo

Would love to help you with your blog design, Danielle! xoxo

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