Monday, November 9, 2009

Incredible Woman #13 - Quinn Curtis - Monday's Questions

This week I'll be featuring a woman I met this summer at a blogging conference. I immediately liked her - she is so personable. Her name is Quinn Curtis. She is an artist, designer, and photographer. She is the founder of Created By Mom, which is a online boutique where moms who use their creativity and talents to create things, can sell them. She just started a new website business called Created By Chicks - where she showcases her designs, along with other womens' creative endeavors. In her words... "It’s a “check out these chicks” and “hire me if you like my style” kind of place." Visit each of these websites to be inspired!

Here are the first two questions in our interview...

KARA: "Can you tell us all about yourself? What makes you an Incredible Woman?"
QUINN: "The most all-inclusive term I can use to describe myself is that I am an artist. I live artistically and value self-expression and the unique beauty and light found within everyone. I love to paint with my children. We paint together at least once or twice a week. I love design, especially graphic design, and am a food photographer. While I love food and photographing it, I'm not much of a chef. I especially can't bake worth a dime. I adore fresh flowers, but have a black thumb: I can't keep them alive. To unwind (& appreciate my role as a mother more) I scrapbook digitally on my computer. I'm also an avid reader. What makes me an incredible woman? Tough question!!! Hmmm... I think anyone who knows my family thinks it's incredible that I survive each day: my three children are ages 3, 2 and 1. To top that all off, my husband and I are pursuing foster/adoption right now as we feel there's someone meant to come to our family through that route. I don't think these things are so incredible; it's just real life to me. I love having my life so full of what matters most: family."

KARA: "Describe each member of your family and tell us what you appreciate about each one."
QUINN: "My husband steals my heart every day. I wonder every day how I got so lucky to be loved by him. He is such an incredible support, always seeking my happiness. He's an incredible father, also. He's the reason why my life is so full and blessed. He's so firm in his faith and inspires me every day to be a better person. My children are my jewels. Tate, my oldest (3 - almost 4 - y/o), is such a wonderful, kind-hearted brother to his younger sisters. He's exactly the kind of older brother I always wished I had when I was young. Claire (2.5 y/o) has a tender soul and helps me to remember to pause and enjoy the beauty in our day together. Norah (17 months old) is my shadow. I appreciate her unconditional love for me; it's mind-boggling. I appreciate all my children for how they keep me grounded and keep me laughing. My life is so full of wonderful people to love."

Please check back tomorrow as we continue this interview!


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