Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Incredible Woman #12 - Betty Pearson. Tuesday's question...

KARA: "Betty, what is your definition of a hero? Do you have any heroes?"
BETTY: "My definition of a hero? My definition is one who is exemplary in action and thought, both in public and private, who has integrity and takes the high road. Someone who cares about the people around them, and chooses to make a difference in the lives of others.

My heroes were my grandmothers. They have now passed on, but they lived full lives in spite of hardships. They were exemplary and strong women. They left a wonderful legacy of hard work, compassionate caring in spite of difficult lives.

My father's mother left her homeland of Germany and came to Utah with her husband and children. She converted to our faith, gave up riches to follow a path that changed her life forever.

My mother's mother was widowed young, and managed to care for 10 children, ages 18-6 years of age. She stayed a widow, supporting her family by selling Avon, walking door to door, for 44 years. She had to sell the family car to help pay debts. She had a wonderful sense of humor."

KARA: "What inspires you?"
BETTY: "MUSIC! Music touches my heart and soul! I can't live without music. I also love beautiful scenery. As a family, we love to travel, and we love our majestic mountains, lakes and streams, and our colorful, rocky national parks.

I am also inspired by religious thoughts, feelings and talks from my church leaders, and from reading the scriptures. I'd be a dry well without them."

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Carin said...

Betty what an inspiring story about your grandmother. I think she is TOTALLY a hero.

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